Packing of Hampers

We will begin packing hampers on Monday, December 17th. Packing will take place until Wednesday. Instructions will be given at 4:00 and then one more time at 6:00. We have a set amount of hampers to pack each evening so we will pack until those are done. 

If you would like to help please come to the Merc gym a few minutes before 4 or 6 for detailed instructions.

Update - November 26th 2018

Santas Anonymous referral deadline has passed therefore we cannot accept any new referrals. We will continue our efforts to fundraise to cover the costs of hampers as well as work on preparing for the packing of them.

You can contact the Salvation Army if you have not been referred for a Santas Anonymous hamper. They will advise you of their intake process to determine if your family meets the criteria for one of their hampers.

Merry Christmas!

Please note: 

All referrals are taking place at the school level meaning that there will no longer be an open referral form online. Administrators, counsellors and others working in the schools and who see kids each day are trusted with referring those they know fit the criteria for a Santas hamper.

If your family fits the criteria and you don't hear from your child's school by mid November 2018 then you can contact your child's principal to discuss your family's needs.

  • there must be school aged children in the family
  • you are struggling to provide your family with a Christmas dinner and gift for each chid under the tree
  • you are not receiving a similar hamper from any other agency and 
  • you are going to be in town on December 21st ti receive

An important message from the Santas Anonymous 
team about the 2018 campaign:

Since 1984 the students and staff at Father Mercredi High School have been sharing the Christmas spirit through the social justice project of Santas Anonymous.

The purpose of Santas Anonymous has always been to provide families with children an opportunity to celebrate Christmas if they could not afford to on their own.

Santas Anonymous was also designed to give students and teachers at Father Mercredi High School:

  • an opportunity to volunteer for their community

  • gain an understanding and empathy for those less fortunate

  • develop leadership skills through the organization and implementation of Santas Anonymous

The Santas Anonymous team is proud of what we have accomplished in the past years, however, we recognize that our community has changed significantly since the inception of Santas in 1984.  As a result we have engaged in strategic planning and visioning. We know our community has an increased number of resources compared to the mid 1980’s and there are numerous agencies and organizations able to meet the varying needs of our community. We have drifted from our roots, our mandate, and a manageable student led initiative.

With this recognition, we have made the decision to get back to our origins and focus on our fundamental mission; to provide families with children the opportunity to celebrate Christmas if they would not otherwise be able to do so. Santas Anonymous will focus on families with school age children. Referrals will be made at the school level in all Fort McMurray Schools.

As we move towards re-aligning with our original mission, we are confident our students will continue to develop their leadership skills. We are confident that we will be stewarding donated dollars and gifts in the most responsible manner and directing these donations to where the need is greatest. We will continue to work collaboratively with existing resources to ensure every child experiences the joy of Christmas. For those families who do not meet our criteria, we will provide referrals to our community resources so their needs can be met by more appropriate programs.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for your continued support.

Santas Anonymous 2018