Frequently Asked Questions

What will my child learn?

Instruction and play-based learning is what guides our programs. Children will develop socially and emotionally through interaction with their peers and the adults who teach and guide them. Children will develop their language and mathematics as well as they will engage in healthy physical activities and arts and crafts. 

How will full-day learning benefit my child?

Full-day early learning will provide children with a high quality program that helps to lay the foundation for a healthy and productive life. They will have increased opportunities to socialize with their peers and to develop the academic and social skills necessary for school—including laying the foundation for each child's reading, writing and math skills. Early learning also helps make the transition to Grade 1 easier – for both you and your child. Full day kindergarten is available at Father Turcotte School.

How can I register my child for the full-day kindergarten program?

You will be able to register your child in our Early Learning Programs through the district website located at OR you may go into your neighborhood designated school to register.  All of our schools will have a EEP and a kindergarten Open House for students and their families in the spring. At the Open House you will be able to see the classroom, have fun completing a few centers with your child and meet the teacher. 

Full-Day Kindergarten is available at Father Turcotte if students live on the south side of Fort McMurray near Father Turcotte School where the program is provided.

French Immersion programs are available at Ecole St.Paul School located in Thickwood.

Is Early Entry Program (EEP) mandatory?

No. Like kindergarten, the Early Entry Program is optional. In Alberta, children are required to attend school once they turn six.

Is there a cost to register my child?

Our EEP program is an optional program that is not funded by the Province of Alberta.  The Catholic Board of Education funds 85% of the cost of the program while user fees cover the remaining 15%. Parental program fees is $500 for the yearPrepayment of the first two first months ($100) is required at the time of acceptance into the program. 

Our Kindergarten program registration cost is $75.00. 

Will transportation be provided?

Busing will be offered for kindergarten students for the regular school day, based our transportation policy and guidelines. Busing is an additional cost beyond the school fees. Kindergarten students are eligible for transportation however EEP children's transportation must be provided by the family as no bus transportation as an option. 

Click on the bus to link to the transportation policy and guidelines