'Growing, Learning and Playing Together'

Our Early Learning programs include Early Entry Programs (EEP), and Kindergarten Programs (half and full day). These programs offer a language rich environment that focuses on learning through play where children interact, explore, and make sense of the world around them.  These programs are delivered in neighbourhood schools, in a small classroom setting, allowing the learning team to address the unique learning needs of each child. The Early Learning programs run from September to June.  All of our elementary schools offer 3-hour, half-day programs, both morning and afternoon. Father Turcotte is the location of our full day Kindergarten program.

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools welcomes children and their families to come learn, play, and grow in our faith based, inclusive pre-kindergarten and kindergarten programs.

Each Early Learning program:

  • Is lead by a Certificated Teacher
  • Allows kids to learn through play
  • Integrates the fine arts
  • Is faith based
  • Provides a language rich environment
  • Includes Family Oriented Programming (FOP) Opportunities (Parent & child development sessions) for children with developmental delays
  • Is supported by a multi-disciplinary team that includes:  Early Learning Consultants, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Psychologists


Alberta Education develops the curriculum for Kindergarten in consultation with early childhood teachers.  It describes what young children need to learn to prepare for Grade 1 and provides a foundation for future learning.

For more information on Kindergarten in Alberta, we invite your to review the following information from Alberta Education:

Early Childhood Services (ECS)

Facts about ECS in Alberta


All of our Kindergarten programs include:

- Certified Teachers

- Learning through play

- Integration of the fine arts

- Rich oral language opportunities

- Family oriented programming opportunities

- A multi-disciplinary team that includes early learning consultants, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist       and psychologist

- Faith-based learning environment


Family orientated programming is offered throughout the school year free of charge to parents/caregivers with a child who has a developmental delay and who are currently attending our early learning programs. These family orientated programs enhance the children’s learning, and gives parents support in key areas.  Families will be invited to meet with our team’s Speech-Language, Physical and Occupational Therapists for fun interactive workshops.  They will have the opportunity to learn ways to incorporate early literacy skills into everyday routines through books, songs and rhymes.  There will also be informative workshops to explore positive strategies for parenting your child.


Eye See…Eye Learn provides comprehensive eye exams by local optometrists (or eye doctors) to kindergarten students in Fort McMurray Catholic Schools. If the child requires a pair of glasses, they will receive them FREE of charge courtesy of our participating sponsors.  With the “Free Eyeglasses Program” any kindergarten student who requires glasses will receive one pair at no charge from their optometrist.

For further information, go to: Eye See … Eye Learn


To be eligible for Kindergarten, your child must be four years, six months old before September 1st of the school year.

Kindergarten registrations are now being accepted at all district elementary schools.  For additional information contact any of our elementary schools or call Fort McMurray Catholic School District at 780-799-5799 (5043).

If you would like to register your child for a program you will be asked to provide proof of your child’s name, date of birth and citizenship. Only the following documents verifying birth:

•            Birth certificate of the child

•            Canadian Citizen Certificate

•            Passport


Transportation is provided to  children in the morning kindergarten programs only who meet the requirements for distance from the school. Contact the school secretaries to arrange transportation for your child.


For additional information contact any of our elementary schools or call Fort McMurray Catholic School District at 780-799-5799 (5043) or by e-mail to Janice Molloy at janice.molloy@fmcsd.ab.ca.