APPLE Schools Website

What is APPLE Schools? 

APPLE Schools is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative that improves the 

lives of students in schools across Northern Alberta. APPLE Schools transforms school 

communities through an approach called Comprehensive School Health (CSH). Each APPLE 

School is provided a School Health Facilitator (SHF) trained in healthy eating, physical activity, 

and community development. The SHF works with students, parents, school staff, and 

community members to develop a school action plan to meet the specific needs of their school. 

School action plans include activities led by students and are designed to make healthy living fun 

and engaging. Research has shown that student in APPLE Schools have better nutrition habits, 

are more physically active, and are more likely to be a healthy weight than other students across 

Alberta. It is estimated that the investment in APPLE Schools has already saved the province of 

Alberta approximately $233 million through avoided future health care costs, improved academic 

achievement, enhanced mental well being, and better quality of life.

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