BIOLOGY 30 - Semester 1 - 2016/17


Biology 30 is a rigorous and fast-paced adventure through the nervous and endocrine systems, reproduction and development, Mendelian and molecular genetics, and population and community dynamics.

The course is implemented in such a way that students think, wonder, learn, and reflect on outcomes prescribed by Alberta Education.  If you close your eyes and imagine the classroom in which BIology 30 students learn, you will see students working both independently and collaboratively in an engaging, inviting, and welcoming environment.  I actively differentiate my instruction for all learners, present lessons that are student-centred, use cutting edge technology for teaching and learning, and foster an environment that strives for excellence.

It is my pleasure to teach and learn with a group of Fort McMurray's finest young men and women. Thank you so much for raising such mature, respectful, and open-minded students.  I am humbled to teach and learn with them each day.
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It always a pleasure to speak with the parents/guardians of my students.  An open line of communication is a critical component of student success - I look forward to working with you as we support your son or daughter throughout the course.

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Graduation is one of my most favourite times of year.  As one of the Graduation coordinators, it brings me great joy to help plan and execute this annual celebration.  If you have questions about graduation, feel free to contact me at your convenience.