Classroom Updates


October 15

  • Please send in a family picture that we could hang on a bulletin board to show everyone's immediate family.  I would like to make a family bulletin board for Social Studies.  A print or copy of a photograph would be great.  Doesn't have to be much larger than 4x6 or 5x7.  
  • Halloween Activities: We will be having our October Success Assembly on Halloween Day (8:45a.m.). During class time we will be doing activities that are related to the Halloween theme. We will not be having a "party" per say. To make the day special we will share healthy snacks at morning recess. A sign up genius will be sent out for that. Students are able to come dressed in their Halloween costumes that day. Small accessories like masks, swords, wands are not to be brought to school as they cause distractions, and or may be broke or lost. If you choose to do any face make up it must be done at home before school. Costumes need to fit under their coats or easily taken off as we will go outside for recess during the day.
  • Christmas Concert: The date is Tuesday, December 5. Times are to be determined yet. I will let you know about clothing requirements once I find out.
  • Our Fall Walk to the Trees is on Wednesday afternoon. Feel free to join us if you like. So far the forecast looks good. We will need to be prepared for cold weather just in case. Remember to have your child wear proper footwear for an hour long walk.
  • Informal Workshop for 1W Parents - November 1 from 3:00 - 4:00
    • I will be hosting an informal drop in session to answer any questions you have about doing sight word practice or how to help your child read at home.
    • There will be some ideas displayed to show you some new ideas or retooling old ones.
    • Bring any questions you have.
  • Hot Lunch starts this week. It is a good idea to write the dates down that you have pre-purchased lunch in your child's agenda. That way I can double check incase there were any errors with the orders. You will get a weekly reminder email regardless if you ordered that week or not.
  • Parent Teacher Interviews - A Sign Up Genius will be coming out at a later date.
  • Parent Volunteers in the classroom for reading help - A Sign Up Genius will be coming out from Angela for anyone that would like to come in and help children during LA time. Remember to go to the office to get your letter for a RCMP Volunteer Criminal Record Check if you haven't done so yet. Once you get the letter, you drop it off at the detachment. When completed you bring the form back to the school. It is free for volunteers.
  • Home Reading Books - If you read both Raz Kids and the home reading book, just record one on the record sheet. You could indicate with a star or other symbol that the two things were read if you like. However I am only looking at reading each day not the number of books. You can have your child fill in some of the information on the chart - the date and the title of the book - if time allows. Please initial it though each day. It would be beneficial to pick up the book and read it a second time during the evening if possible. Now as the students are just beginning to read, the stories don't take long to read and the second or subsequent readings should be more fluent. With the lower levelled books (A-E), it may be hard to check for your child's understanding. Still ask them to retell the story, what happened in the beginning, the middle and the end. What did the character do?
  • We play outside before school and at recess unless the temperature and windchill is colder than  -20 Celsius.  At those cold temperatures the outside doors are open and the children can come in before 8:05.  If the temperature warms up at recess time, either 9:50 am  or 12:25 pm, the children will be expected to go outside.
  • The children need to come each day prepared with mitts, toques and ski pants.  Also just a reminder to label all of your child's outerwear, as there is a strong possibility that someone else in our hallway has the same outerwear.  It gets tricky when the boots look alike but are one or two sizes different.  Going home is not quite as comfortable as coming to school in these cases.  All of the students in 1W have a bag on their coat hangers to place their mitts and toques.  Loss of these items should be minimal.  If you notice something doesn't come home we have lost and found bins in our hallway, grade two hallway and the front foyer. 
  • One final thing to note is that the children are still expected to enter through our entrance at the back of the school when the weather gets cold.  The front door is for the EEP and Kinder students.

Old News  I will keep some of the important news here.

  • Remember to email extra curricular awards to me so they can be add to our Success Assemblies.

  • Water Bottles: Some of the children are forgetting to bring their water bottles to school every day. Help remind them to bring them each day. Also we recommend only water bottles with the flip up top and straw spout, as cleaning up spills in the class is very difficult.

  • Check out the website Epic - Books for kids They have all kinds of books free to download.
  • We will be going on a Science Walk to look at the seasonal changes that are taking place right now.  We will go Wednesday, October 18 right after lunch recess, so around 1:00.  Parent volunteers are needed to come with us.  We will be walking in the trees close to Archibald Close.  For this Science Walk and other science walks, I don't mind if younger siblings come along with us.  At least 2 volunteers are needed.  If we have more that is wonderful.  Please send a note in the agenda or an email letting me know if you are able to come along.  Permission forms will be coming home later this week.


Up Coming Events

Friday, October 20 - No school for students

Friday, October 27 - No school for students

Tuesday, October 31 - Success Assembly 8:45 - Halloween Dress Up Day
Wednesday, November 1 - Parent Information Session - Sight Words and Home Reading - Drop in Format

Friday, November 3 - No school for students

Friday, November 10 - No school for students - Remembrance Day

Monday, November 13 - No School for students or Teachers
Thursday, November 16 - Picture retakes
Friday, November 24 - Report Cards go home
Monday, November 27 - Parent Teacher Interviews 5:00 - 8:00
Wednesday, November 29 - Parent Teacher Interviews 3:30 - 6:30

Friday, December 1 - No school for students

Friday, December 15 - No school for students

Friday, December 22 - No school for students

Homework While on Holidays

Many people are taking trips during the school year. For homework this is what I would like the children to do while away.  I would like your child to complete a journal or diary about the trip. The book to record this in could be one of two things; either a diary your child already has or a regular school notebook.  Each day you are gone your child can write 5 or more sentences about what he/she has done and who they saw or where they traveled. Important information you would like to remember in the future. Each diary/journal entry should be illustrated to show details from their writing. Date each page please.  The purpose of this assignment is two fold. One, it is practice writing about things they know and is expert at (his/her life). It uses their imagination and develops reading and writing skills. Secondly, I hope it will be a keepsake that your child has from the trip. When they come back to school I would appreciate your child, bringing it in to share with me and the class. The students really enjoy reading what they wrote and the other students like to hear about the adventures. Any other homework that can be sent home when you return will be collected and given to your child then. I'm sure I don't need to remind you to bring books to read for the drive or flight. If you have an ipad or similar device books may be download from the public library, Raz Kids is accessible if you have the app or in wifi areas.

Virtues for the Year at Our Success Assemblies and Tentative Dates

September - Responsibility     Congratulations to Zackery, Petra and Yzabelle

October  -  Positive Attitude       Tuesday, October 31st at 8:45  

November - Academic Award     Monday, November 27th at 9:15

December - Healthy Living Thursday, December 21st at 9:15 

January - Respect                       Wednesday, January 31st at 11:05                   

February - Friendship                 Friday, February 23rd at 8:45        

March - Author Award                Thursday, March 29th at 11:05

April - Service                             Thursday, April 26th at 11:35          

May - Creativity                          Tuesday, May 29th at 8:15                      

June -  Confidence                      Tuesday, June 26 TBA

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