Teachers Message

February 17

  • Wear red for our Litugy on Tuesday if you have red clothing.
  • Friday, February 24 is our 100th day of school this year.  In Grade 1 we need to be able to count to 100 by 1, 2, 5 and 10.  To celebrate this day I would like to have Math Centres from 8:30 - 10:00.  4 or 5 parent volunteers would be great.  Let me know if you are able to come in and help.  Don't forget everyone should bring in a small bag of 100 items. (Ziplock sandwich bag or medium/large size ziplock bags are fine.)  100 of the same thing is fine.  For example 100 q tips, pennies, cotton balls, buttons, macaroni, lego, doll clothes, small stones.  What ever you can find.  We will use these and measure what is heavier, takes up more room etc.
  • Friday will be the next Success Assembly at 12:35.
  • I am sending home some ideas for you and your child to start working on.  These are things that can be added up or counted on to get 100.  Some will take a few days to achieve while others a moment or two in your spare time.  It is to be a fun activity to raise awareness of counting and the number 100.
  • Great job on the Valentine box project.  Thank you to all of the parents who sent in snacks.  The children enjoyed and ate everything. 
  • Science test Thursday, February 23.  Check the homework page for study questions.  Their note book came home on Thursday.  
  • Social Studies - Family Tree Project - Information and paper will be came home on Thursday.  A green and brown piece for the tree and a coloured piece for the background.  This will be a parent/child project to do together.  Discuss your family history, and some of the things you did in grade one.  We thought of some questions together that you will be able to use as talking points.  The project is due after Teachers Convention break.  Each student will get to present and talk about their family tree. We will hang them up in the classroom when done.  Some of the children asked about God Parents.  I said you could make a cloud in the sky and add them there.  That way they are included and easy to identify if they are not relatives.
  • Group 2 Reading group - This week there is a new book which includes a story to read, questions to answer and a writing component.  Each week there is a section to complete.  Read the story, answer the related questions, and then ideas to write about.  There are more writing lines then we need no doubt.  Encourage your child to write with longer sentences that have some detail included.  Check for capital letters and periods in all sentences.  It wasn't hole punched at the printshop so it will not be in the red duotangs this time.  I will keep the duotangs for the future.  You can tell the end of the section by the blank writing page at the end.
  • Reminder no school on Friday, February 17 and Monday, February 20.  It is a 4 day weekend for the students.

Many people are taking trips this time of year. For homework this is what I would like the children to do while away.  I would like your child to complete a journal or diary about the trip. The book to record this in could be one of two things; either a diary your child already has or if not a regular school notebook.  Each day you are gone your child can write 5 or more sentences about what he/she has done and who they saw or where they traveled. Important information you would like to remember in the future. Each diary/journal entry should be illustrated to show details from their writing. Date each page please.  The purpose of this assignment is two fold. One, it is practice writing about things they know and is expert at (his/her life). It uses their imagination and develops reading and writing skills. Secondly, I hope it will be a keepsake that your child has from the trip. When they come back to school I would appreciate your child, bringing it in to share with me and the class. The students really enjoy reading what they wrote and the other students like to hear about the adventures. Any other homework that can be sent home when you return will be collected and given to your child then. I'm sure I don't need to remind you to bring books to read for the drive or flight. If you have an ipad or similar device books may be download from the public library, Raz Kids is accessible if you have the app or in wifi areas.

Old News

  • The next two months are pivotal for the reading and writing of the students.  Usually between now and March children pick up momentum with their reading and writing.  The regular practice and review can not be over emphasised.  
  • If you eat out at BP's save those receipts and send them to the school.  They will make a donation to the school in July.

Up Coming events

Friday, February 17 - PLF Day - No School for students
Monday, February 20 - Family Day Long Weekend - No School
Tuesday, February 21 - Liturgy at 8:45
Friday, February 24 - 100th Day of School
Friday, February 24 - Success Assembly at 12:35
Monday, February 27 - Friday March 3 - Teachers Convention Week
Friday, March 17 - PLF Day - No School for students
Friday, March 24 - PLF Day - No School for students
Wednesday, March 29 - Art Field Trip to Mac Donald Island
Friday, March 31 - PTI LIeu Day - No School for students
Tuesday, May 2 - Spring Photo Day

Extra Supplies for the Classroom

Boys - Bandaids

Girls - Plastic spoons or forks We are good for the year. Thank you everyone.

Baby Wipes Schedule instead of Lysol Wipes

September -  Emma, Briana

October  - Harley, Alexander

November - Alexis, Zackery

December - Jaxon, Madison

January - Sam,

February - Claire, Cian

March - Taylor, Dax

April -  Lucy, SJ

May -  Cailee, Ethan

June -   Kaleb, Jainam

Virtues for the Year at Our Success Assemblies and Tentative Dates

September - Responsibility     Congratulations to Harley and Claire

October  -  Positive Attitude    Congratulations to Ethan, Briana and Dax     

November - Academic Award   Congratulations to Briana, Jaxon and SJ

December - Conscientious / Healthy Living  Congratulations to Emma and Sam

January - Respect                     Congratulations to Jaxon and SJ                             

February - Friendship              February 24 - 1:05 - 1:35          

March - Academic Award      March 28 - 1:05 - 1:35        

April - Service                          April 25 - 1:05 - 1:35                    

May - Creativity                       May 30 - 1:05 - 1:35                          

June -  Confidence                   June 27 - 1:05 - 1:35 Tentative Date