Teachers Message

January 22

In line skating update:
1. Alien In line skating is supplying the skates, so kids are not allowed to bring their own. These are special skates that won't wreck our floors and will keep the number to 75 at one time. 
Please encourage students to bring their own helmet.

2. On the pink handout it said Friday, Feb. 1st and 2nd (obviously that is not correct). Please make sure parents know this is Wednesday Feb 1st and Thursday Feb 2nd

Families can drop in anytime between 5:30pm & 8:30pm.

  • Items to collect for the sense of touch:  Could you please look around the house for different samples of items that we could cut and glue onto paper that represent different textures for our sense of touch?  Items could be soft, rough, smooth, bumpy, embossed, cracked, furry etc.  Send them to school by Thursday please.

  • Valentines boxes - an at home project for Valentine's Day will be to build a box to collect our Valentines that we will exchange that day in class.  Kleenex boxes, a shoe box or maybe even a cereal box will work.  The children  will only be limited by their imagination.  I haven't talked about it yet in class but will soon. Have a look on the internet with something like: valentine's day boxes homemade or valentine's day boxes for school.  Lots of ideas.  It is important that the children do as much work on this as possible by themselves.  

  • The next two months are pivotal for the reading and writing of the students.  Usually between now and March children pick up momentum with their reading and writing.  The regular practice and review can not be over emphasised.  
  • Please send any food magazines or flyers that we could cut pictures out of.

  • If you eat out at BP's save those receipts and send them to the school.  They will make a donation to the school in July.

  • We just heard about the date for Spring Photos.  Keep May 2nd in your calendars.

Old News

Up Coming events

Monday, January 23 - Liturgy at 12:35 hosted by Grade 3
Tuesday, January 31 - Success Assembly - 1:05
Friday, January 27 - PD Day - No School for students
Friday, February 10 - PLF Day - No School for students
Friday, February 17 - PLF Day - No School for students
Monday, February 20 - Family Day Long Weekend - No School
Friday, February 24 - 100th Day of School
Monday, February 27 - Friday March 3 - Teachers Convention Week
Friday, March 17 - PLF Day - No School for students
Friday, March 24 - PLF Day - No School for students
Friday, March 31 - PTI LIeu Day - No School for students
Tuesday, May 2 - Spring Photo Day

Extra Supplies for the Classroom

Boys - Bandaids

Girls - Plastic spoons or forks We are good for the year. Thank you everyone.

Baby Wipes Schedule instead of Lysol Wipes

September -  Emma, Briana

October  - Harley, Alexander

November - Alexis, Zackery

December - Jaxon, Madison

January - Sam,

February - Claire, Cian

March - Taylor, Dax

April -  Lucy, SJ

May -  Cailee, Ethan

June -   Kaleb, Jainam

Virtues for the Year at Our Success Assemblies and Tentative Dates

September - Responsibility     Congratulations to Harley and Claire

October  -  Positive Attitude    Congratulations to Ethan, Briana and Dax     

November - Academic Award   Congratulations to Briana, Jaxon and SJ

December - Conscientious / Healthy Living  Congratulations to Emma and Sam

January - Respect                    January 31 - 1:05 - 1:35                               

February - Friendship              February 24 - 1:05 - 1:35          

March - Academic Award      March 28 - 1:05 - 1:35        

April - Service                          April 25 - 1:05 - 1:35                    

May - Creativity                       May 30 - 1:05 - 1:35                          

June -  Confidence                   June 27 - 1:05 - 1:35 Tentative Date