September, 2015

 Dear Students,

            Welcome back everyone!  I cannot believe we have been back at school for over a week already!  It has been busy.  I am enjoying getting to know everyone.  Unfortunately we will lose some students this week to a new classroom.  We have so many new students this year we needed to add a new grade level for each grade.  It will be better for everyone to have smaller class sizes though.

            How was your summer break?  For me summer break seemed extremely short.  My family and I travelled back and forth from the lake on a continual basis.  We have a lake lot of North Buck, which is near Boyle.  While at the lake we did some quadding, waterskiing and fishing.  

            We also spent a lot of time in Westlock.  My sister got into a motorcycle accident in June and needed a lot of help getting to and from appointments once she was released from the hospital.  Fortunately, she is okay and with rehabilitation will be able to walk again.

Before the year gets underway I thought you might be interested in knowing a little about me.  I enjoy reading, and almost all sports (volleyball, basketball, badminton, skiing, cross country running, swimming, and water skiing are my favorites).  The best book I read this summer was Cinder .  It is a fast paced parody set in the future.  Cinder is a mistreated and over worked cyborg that finds out that she is very important.  I also read the next two books in the series, The Girl on the Train, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian, an and autobiography by Jordin Tootoo.  

I love: my husband, who I have been married to for 24 years, my two kids, and Tim Horton’s steeped tea.  My favourite unit to teach last year was the "Popular Culture" unit.  My least favorite unit last year was the surface area and volume unit in math.  My favourite month of the year is September because I am always excited and energetic in September.  In September the leaves start changing colour and it is almost always the perfect temperature-not too hot, not too cold.

Please write back and let me know about your summer, your interests, your favorite books, the worst book you ever read and anything else you think I should know, or that you are interested in sharing.


Mrs. Beaton

Students please write back to me in your journals.

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