Grade 5F Father Turcotte School

Welcome to the 5F class page!
In June, kids start to get more active by getting outside when the weather is nice!  We are enjoying the new playground that was recently installed and of course, we know that the school year will soon come to an end!  Students continue working on the Grade 5 curriculum.  In Math we are focusing on multiplication, division, measurement, geometry an dprobability.  During Literacy students continue to develop their reading skills.  We are also learning to summarize information and develop descriptive writing.  Students are working hard in class and everyone is showing improvement!

If students require tutoring or extra help with math, reading or writing, I am free to work with kids Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:30 to 4:30pm.  

This year the entire school is working on the goal of seeing every student improve their reading.
To work toward this goal, 5F has continues to focus on reading at home.  Our classroom reading goal is to have students read at home for and fill in a reading logbook.  We are trying to read 15 000 pages as a class.  
Please set a time to have your child read for 15 minutes.  It could be a chapter book, a magazine a comic book or what ever!  

Updates for the Week
June 18th - 22nd
M- Read at home each night and track your pages on your reading Log sheet
Students should read 15-20 minutes each night.  


W- Celebration of reading BBQ 5pm to 6:30pm

Th- National Indigenous Culture Day (Students attending events at Heritage Village)

F- Year End Liturgy 2pm at St. John's Church

For additional reminders about upcoming events and important dates, please see the bottom of the page!
A reminder to parents that Father Turcotte School is an APPLE School, so I have been encouraging students to drink water in class and not bring sugary juices and sports drinks.  Please check out the APPLE School link on the school home page to check out information about healthy choices.  When sending lunches and snacks to school, please make sure that students are bringing nut free food items, because there are nut allergies in our class.  As a Leader in Me school, we are teaching students 7 habits that will have a positive influence in their lives.   We want students to make good choices that will keep them on a path to success!

Turcotte School has secured funding for a nutrition program.  Starting in September, all students will be offered breakfast on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (when there is school).  Lunch will be offered on Tuesday and Thursday.  This is a free program!!

I also encourage you to remind your children not to bring their electronic devices to school as we are concerned with lost or damaged items.  As well, we are trying to promote interactions between kids and reduce screen time.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mr. D. Forster

"Practice Makes Improvement!" 
Upcoming Events:
June 20th Celebration of Reading BBQ 
                   5pm to 6:30pm

June 21 Field Trip to Heritage Village

June 25th Sports Day (Events before lunch)

June 26th Grade 1-5 Trip to Gregoire Lake


June 8th No School (PLF Friday)

June 22nd Year End Liturgy 2pm at 
                    St. John's Church

June 28th Division II Awards
                    Report Cards handed out
                    Last Day for Students