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Happy New Year!!
Welcome to January!  We celebrate our Lord, Jesus Christ, at Epiphany and reflect on how we keep Christ alive in our hearts.

January is the mid point of the school year and there will be a lot going on!

Just a reminder to parents that students do have weekly homework and that they should be reading every night for 20 minutes and recording their reading on the home reading sheet.  Reading sheets can be returned any time.  I also encourage you to remind your children not to bring their electronic devices to school as we are concerned with lost or damaged items.  As well, we are trying to promote interactions between kids and reduce screen time.

We continue to progress through the curriculum and students have been given the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities.

In Language, students work on developing reading and vocabulary skills during balanced literacy.  They are encouraged to read a variety of different material including chapter books and information books.  Each literacy class, students spend time on building vocabulary, reading with classmates, participating in literacy activities, doing guided reading and reading books that they select themselves.  Thank you for your support in having your kids read at home each night and filling in their reading log sheet!

In writing, students will develop paragraph skills.  They are learning to organize ideas and use a variety of sentences in their compositions.  Students spend time each week learning about grammar.  They also developing ideas that they can use when working on stories.  Students will also be working on friendly letters and poetry.

In Science, students are investigating magnetism and electricity. They will be doing hands on activities to develop understanding of magnetic force, static electricity and current electricity.  They have opportunities to construct simple circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs.  We will be learning about the electrical grid, using electricity wisely and alternate sources of electricity.

This year, students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 will have the opportunity to participate in Science Club, to learn about the scientific method and develop science fair projects.  we hope to send 2 projects to the Wood Buffalo Regional Science Fair from each grade.  More details about this will be coming soon!

In Social Studies, students focusing on Canada's early history, including First Nation and Inuit cultures, early explorers of Canada, New France and the fur trade.  Hopefully students will develop an appreciation for history and an understanding of how past events have shaped Canada.

In Math, students are developing their skills with rounding, estimation, solving equations and problem solving.  Students continue to also develop their skills with multiplication and division.  This includes being able to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers and long division with and without remainders. As well, we are starting on measurement and geometry.

Father Turcotte School is an APPLE School, so I have been encouraging students to drink water in class and not bring sugary juices and sports drinks.  Please check out the APPLE School link on the school home page to check out information about healthy choices.

When sending lunches and snacks to school, please make sure that students are bringing nut free food items, because there are nut allergies in our class.

In order to have students take responsibility for their learning, there will be at least one task for students to complete at home each week.  I would also like students to read every night at home for 15 to 20 minutes.  You can track their home reading on a log sheet that will be due at the end of the month.
Homework tasks will be assigned on Monday and is due at the end of the week.  
Students that do not have homework assignments handed in must complete their overdue work before gym class and at lunch.

Have a great month!  

Father Turcotte school now has a way for parents to purchase school clothing.  Check out the site at

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Mr. D. Forster

"Practice Makes Improvement!" 
Upcoming Events  
January 13th-Epiphany Liturgy

January 26th-Success Assembly and Jersey Day




January 27th- No School (Professional Day)