Homework Assignments & Announcements

Although homework assignments may vary throughout the week depending on what we are working on, I do request that all students spend some time each evening doing the following:

  • At least 45-60 minutes per night is expected at the grade 6 level.
2. Learning and memorizing the MULTIPLICATION and DIVISION FACTS
  • (Up to 12 x 12): This will provide a foundation for much of the multi-step math that we will be doing this year.  

Week of May 1st - May 5th:
  • Please remember to come in and out of the doors by the grade 6 portable at the front of the school. If you are late, please come through the front doors and get a late slip after 8:15.
  • If you are going to be away, please email me @ dara.boudreau@fmcsd.ab.ca and contact the office to let them know. 780-799-5704


  • Library Day (Library Books Due Back)
  • Spring Pictures

  • "Gentle Day" - Gathering for Breakfast 


  • Holy Trinity Tour 10:30am
  • Social Studies Test 

  • No School! (PLF)

Important Dates in May

May 3- A GENTLE DAY: Breakfast Gathering
May 4 - Holy Trinity Tour
May 4 - Social Studies Test - Local Government
May 5- No School (PLF)
May 11 - Grade 6 English PAT (A)
May 12 - School Day
May 19- No School (PLF)
May 22 - No School - Victoria Day
May 26 - School Day (Monday Schedule)

Important dates in June
June 2- No School (PLF)
June 9- No School (PLF)
June 16 - School Day
June 19 -Grade 6 English PAT (B)
June 20 - Grade 6 Math PAT
June 22 - Grade 6 Social Studies PAT
June 23 - School Day!  Grade 6 science PAT 
June 23 - Waterpark (After science PAT)
June 26 - Fun Day at MacDonald Island
June 29- Last Day of school - Awards and lunch celebration! 

Dara Boudreau,
Aug 18, 2016, 8:55 PM