Welcome to Grade 5.

WELCOME to the 5M Website
Dear Parents and Students,

     My name is Mrs. Angela MacDonald.  I am your child's grade 5 teacher. Here are a few facts about me.

  •  I have lived in Fort McMurray since 2000.
  •  My hometown is Mabou and it is in Nova Scotia.
  •  I come from a very large family (10 children)
  •  I have a dog named Brandy and a cat named Chloe.
  •  My son is 29 years old and he owns his own personal  training business.
  •  I speak another language besides English, and it is  called Gaelic. 
 To keep you informed throughout the year I will be posting important information here on a regular basis.  Please take the time to look through each of the various sections to be informed about everything. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email, phone calls, or visit.
I look forward to a new year with of all of you!

Angela MacDonald