Welcome to Miss Ricketts' Class

Hi Parents;

I like to welcome you and your child into my classroom.  In 4R, your child will be working on
a spelling program.  Each week their spelling will come home for them to complete their weekly 
units if they did not finish the work in class.  At the end of the week, whether it is Thursday or Friday your child will have a spelling test.  Please have them review their weekly words in their 
agendas with you throughout the week.

In math, we are working on Numbers from 1-9999.  Your child with learn to write numbers in 
words, expanded form and standard form.  They will also estimate sums and differences, compare 
and order numbers and add and subtract 3/4-digit numbers. 

For language, we are working on reading comprehension strategies - main idea and recalling facts 
and details.  In writing, we are looking at paragraph writing using the hamburger method - topic sentence, three juicy details and a closing sentence.  We will write a paragraph about their summer,
a persuasive paragraph and describing a cartoon character.

Our Social Studies focus this year is on Alberta - what gives the province its identity.  For September, we are looking at where Alberta is located in Canada.  We will also work on mapping skills using the compass rose, legends and scale.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at: bonnie.ricketts@fmcsd.ab.ca  

Thanks so much for your attention,
Ms. Ricketts

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