Welcome to Miss Ricketts' Class

Hi Parents;

Welcome back after what I hope was a restful holiday season.

Grade 4s will be finishing up the Data Analysis unit in math within the first week of our return.  We will have a test on this unit in the second week.  The class will then move onto the unit on Multiplication and Division of Larger Numbers.  The children will use models and arrays to multiply and divide, estimate products and quotients and multiply a two-digit and a three digit number with a one-digit.    In science, we are still working on the Waste and Our World unit.  Once again, it won't be long before there is a test on this unit.   This month we will  look at how Alberta's fossils are part of its identity and discuss different perspectives on whether Alberta's fossils should be protected.  During our language learning time, the students will work on reading tasks that are at their level.  They are also learning reading comprehension strategies to better their understanding of passages.  In January,  the two strategies being taught are drawing conclusions or making inferences and author's purpose.  The writing portion of LA will focus on organization of paragraphs, use of transition words and elaborate details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at: bonnie.ricketts@fmcsd.ab.ca  

Thanks so much for your attention,
Ms. Ricketts

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