Welcome to Miss Ricketts' Class

Hi Parents;

Can you believe that we are just weeks away from the end of the year?  Please ensure that your child is still studying for tests and completing their homework since school is not finished until the end of June.

For May, Grade 4s will be finishing up the Fractions and Decimals unit.  They will have a test in the second week of May.  The last unit to be taught is Geometry.  The students will describe, name and sort prisms.  Also they will construct prisms from nets and draw lines of symmetry.   In science, we have are still working on Plant Growth and Changes.  The students will learn the general purpose of the plant parts, recognize the requirements for plant growth and how plants disperse their seeds.   This month in social studies we will  look at the settlers that came to Alberta - what drew them here and how it changed Alberta.  During our language learning time, the students will work on reading tasks that are at their level.  They are also learning reading comprehension strategies to better their understanding of passages.  We have concluded the twelve strategies taught from the STARS series.  We will then review each of them and complete comprehension activities with questions pertaining to the strategies learned.  The writing portion of LA will focus on organization of paragraphs, using dialogue to capture the reader's interest, use of transition words and including voice into their writing.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at: bonnie.ricketts@fmcsd.ab.ca  

Thanks so much for your attention,
Ms. Ricketts

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