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As a business and real estate broker in the fitness industry, we have worked with a variety of different companies securing leases, finding the right location, securing financing and when necessary, leasing and lease reviews and the purchase and sale of various businesses in the gym industry.

We have have been serving clients as a licensed Real Estate Broker for 50 years.

The benefit to the tenant or the buyer is our own experience of being a commercial tenant and being a property owner. The search and demographic report will enable the client to know why the site is being considered.

Our clients have been Public Companies, Individual Proprietors, Franchisors, Franchisees and private groups.

We have owned and built fitness centers in Texas, Kansas, California, Portland Oregon, Lincoln, Nebraska and Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada.

Owning and operating these centers enabled us to have a understanding of clients needs in the business with day to day operations and plans for expansion with new locations.

Other real estate holdings included retail buildings, single family rentals, town homes, and farm land. We also have experience in the tax advantages of 1031 trades.