Lake Tovel

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05 August 2019 Surface water temperature 15.5 °C
                                                                                                                                 versione italiana

Lake Tovel is a Long Term Ecological Research (LTER-Italy) site (IT09-005-A),  part of the greater European (eLTER) association. It is also a member of GLEON (The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network) dedicated to conducting innovative science by sharing and interpreting high resolution sensor data in order to understand, predict and communicate the role and response of lakes in a changing global environment.  

Besides its intrinsic biological value, Lake Tovel is an important tourist attraction, and provides irrigation water and electrical energy to the local population. Interest in the lake is attested by over 300 publications since the late 1800s. Notwithstanding its modest altitude (1178 m asl), Tovel acts as a 'high altitude' lake because its waters are particularly cold and clear. It is an ideal natural laboratory where we can verify ecological theories and study the biotic and abiotic parameters tied to climate change. The lake is oligotrophic with a high biodiversity of plankton, especially of flagellates and rotifers.

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