The Teaching as a Profession pathway is very proud of the partnership we have with Georgia Highlands College. Through this pathway students are able to receive college credit for 2 courses: EDU 2110 Foundations of Education by passing End of Pathway Assessment and EDU 2130 Educational Psychology course taken final semester at GHC.

These are students from the Teaching as a Profession Pathway who completed education courses at GHC their final semester. What a great experience for these students to get a head start on college courses while still in high school.

Class of 2012

Class of 2012
Austyn Brock, Breann Lindsey, Harleigh Turner, and Aspen Simmons

Class of 2013
Casey Born, Katherine Stiles, Ari VanWinkle, Breanna Landers, Kaitlyn Smith, Randi Ellis, and Emily Stripling

GHC Awards Night 2013
Katherine Stiles and Ari VanWinkle

Class of 2014
Chaney Davis, Allison Acker, Lindsey Smith, and Kaitlin Little

Class of 2017
Ansley Terhune, Abby Mathis, and Jordan Mitchell
*Because of the great opportunity to take MOWR courses in high school, 
all 3 of these young ladies are graduating this year with 20 hours of college credit!