Welcome to the Pathway
The Teaching as a Profession pathway consists of 3 courses:
  • Examining the Teaching Profession
  • Contemporary Issues in Education
  • Teaching as a Profession Practicum 
These courses allow students to investigate the teaching profession through class activities, discussions, projects, and, their favorite part, going into the elementary schools across our school district and working with teachers and elementary students. At the end of these 3 courses, students will take an End of Pathway Assessment (EOPA). If they pass this test, they will earn college credit for first education course EDU 2110 Foundations to Education.

Another opportunity we are able to offer these students is a 2nd college level course with Georgia Highlands College. We are so excited about our partnership with them and appreciate all they do to work with us. During their final semester, following the 3 courses listed above, students can take EDU 2130 Educational Psychology on the GHC campus with other college students. This is a great way for our students to ease into college life AND have the opportunity to earn credit for 2 college courses in high school for FREE!