Course Objectives

Time Frame Class Content
Unit 1 PowerPoint Presentation of Robot History and Fundamentals. Robot Application Videos. Lecture: Introduction to the "Point" concept and the MoveJ instruction. Lecture: Flow Chart Techniques. Flow Charting will be integrated into all program examples and students will document their lab programs accordingly.
Unit 2 Power Point Lecture on Robot Technology Fundamentals. Assignment: Use the Internet to research the definitions of the "Important Terms" handout in the PowerPoint slide handout for this lecture. Robot Application Videos. Lab Assignment: Energize ABB robot, and locate the axis calibration marks.
Unit 3 Unit Conversions Lecture. Assignment: Complete Unit Conversion Worksheet. Robot Application Videos. Lab Assignment: Teach ABB robot points using the MoveJ motions.
Unit 4 Fluid Power lecture. Hydraulics, Pneumatics, and Pascal's Law. Robot Application Videos. Assignment: Worksheet, Hydraulics Lab Assignment: Teach points and use the MoveL instruction on the ABB robots for linear movements.
Unit 5 Discuss Path Control and how it relates to the MoveC and MoveL instructions of the ABB robots.
Unit 6 Robot Classification Powerpoint presentation. Assignment: Use the Internet as a research resource and locate diagrams of the major classifications of robots covered in the PowerPoint presentation. Turn in 1 printouts of the applicable diagrams all compiled and labeled into one page using copy and paste.
Unit 7 Continue Lecture on Power Sources and go over Hydraulic Worksheet. Lab Assignment: Teach ABB robots circular motions using the MoveC instructions.
Unit 8 Test 1 given at beginning of class. Lecture on ABB and Motoman programming techniques for advanced robot control. Advanced instructions: Waittime, InputWait, Routines, ProcCall, etc. Lab Assignment: Create Multiple routines to match the natural breakdown of a robot's workcell functions. Typical Routines: rFeeder1, rConveyor, rGetConveyor, rInspect, rPutBottle, etc. Printout of your routines from a Disk. This is the start of the Major Programming Assignment: Bottle Packaging System
Unit 9 Lecture on End of Arm Tooling. Specific terms, Compliance, etc. Lecture on Accuracy and Repeatability of movements. Force calculations for grip angles. Accuracy and Repeatability Perform the Accuracy and Repeatability worksheet as described and Log your results on the worksheet for entry and analysis using MS-Excel.