Robotics and Engineering

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We at the College and Career Academy, School of Robotics and Engineering, offer programs and materials to build our students interest, enthusiasm, and knowledge in the fields of electronics, engineering, robotics, and manufacturing. The VEX Robotic's platform is dedicated to providing engaging student experiences that enable individuals to reach their full potential while they develop the knowledge and skills vital to success in the 21st Century. Along with the VEX program, we will also be teaching the Remote Automated Manufacturing Project, RAMP. Additionally, we will use other projects such as RC cars, Rockets, Hovercrafts, Pneumatics & Hydraulics, PLC & Automation. Second and Third year students will be able to compete in the National VEX Robotics Championships at the TSA Leadership Conference in Jekyll Island, where they design, build, test and program their own robot to bring to competitions.

    Using these projects, the students will be learning about several mechanisms for transferring energy and performing various operations using sensors, motors, servos and controllers. Students will be applying basic math, physics and science while participating in team building activities, involving intelligent decision making and visionary problem solving. These programs offer students and exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities spanning science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

    Our goal is to provide our students with the education and training, producing skilled workers for the future of our community and in turn advance our region's economic competitiveness. Thorough this approach, we will be producing students more prepared to enter their careers and contribute to the community. Graduates will be prepared to succeed in engineering or robotics programs at the college or university level, or to succeed in an entry level position in the electrical and mechanical fields.

    We are currently working with Georgia Northwestern Technical College to offer a dual enrollment program. As a part of this program, students will receive high school credit while working towards obtaining a Robotics Technician Certification from GNTC. If the student chooses to continue with this program upon graduation from high school, the student can graduate in approximately a year and a half with an Associates Degree in Industrial Systems Technology. For more information about this program, check out the GNTC Webpage.