Course Description:

Instrumental and percussion classes are performance-based classes. The instrumental program at Pepperell High School does not offer a non-performing class. If a student registers for a class, he or she is expected to perform with that class at all functions. Students are exposed to elements of music history, music theory, and music performance while participating in a performing ensemble. Students learn various aspects of solo and ensemble playing in a number of musical styles. Music compositions studied in these courses range from grade three to grade five in difficulty level (based on the GMEA scale of 1 – 6). Students, with permission of the director, may audition to be a member of the Jazz Ensemble or various small ensembles.

Band Objectives:

    1. To provide quality musical education in a safe, structured environment.
    2. To recruit and retain hardworking, well-behaved students.
    3. To have students participate in all GMEA sanctioned events.
    4. To teach musical skills in line with the GPS Standards for band and the National Standards for Arts
      1. Education.
    5. To provide performance opportunities beyond the school day.
    6. To prepare students for advanced music and academic study.
    7. To involve parents and community in these experiences.

Grading Breakdown:

55% Performance (concert assessments/ tests/ and concert pass-offs) 25% In-class performance (playing/ daily material checks)

20% Final Exam


Grades will be taken every day in class. This includes material grades and performance assessments. Students should assume that they will be asked to play every day for a grade. Specific instructional materials will be provided based on the individual band classes ability level and will include warm-up routines, scales, technical exercises, and standard band literature based on each classes specific needs. Students may be assigned specific playing tests throughout the year.


All band students are expected to perform during the year. Below is a list of guidelines to help parents, students, and band supporters make the Pepperell Band a shining example in Floyd County and throughout Georgia.

    1. Students need their instruments EVERYDAY!!!! This includes having all necessary materials with the instrument (reeds, valve oil, neck strap, drum sticks, etc.)
    2. Parents should attend every concert.
    3. Everyone should dress appropriately for concerts. Students should wear their band uniform (TBA).
    4. Stay for the entire concert. Do not plan to leave early.
    5. Be on time. Specific reporting times will be announced in advance.
    6. Do not enter or leave during a performance. If absolutely necessary, move during the applause, only.
    7. Silence all cell phones and other electronics.
    8. Take restless children to the lobby.
    9. Understand that all concerts require a “tear down” process. Please, do not expect your child to leave until
      1. this process is complete.
    10. Watchforconductortoputarmsdownbytheirsidebeforeapplauding.


Every member of the PHS Band program is assigned a login for CHARMS. CHARMS is the program that we use to stay in contact with parents and keep up with the financial responsibilities of the individual student within the band program. It also contains the calendar for all band events. Information for logging into your CHARMS account can be found at Please take a moment and follow the instructions listed in order to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information.

Band Room Expectations:

Be better everyday!!!

Always assume responsibility for your actions!!! Never be disrespectful of others or other’s property!!! Do what is right, always!!!

Parental Responsibilities:

    1. Come to concerts and school events!
    2. Teach your child to keep a calendar. Put dates for projects, exams, and homework on it as soon as they
      1. receive them. Teach them to resolve conflicts shown on their calendars well in advance of events and to
      2. work to complete major projects on time.
    3. Make sure that your students are practicing EVERYDAY. This is the only way to improve the quality of the
      1. band program.

Material Requirements: (these items are needed in class DAILY)

    1. Instrument
    2. Sheet music
    3. Pencil (Must have at all rehearsals!!!!)
    4. Cleaning equipment (swabs, cloths, etc.)
    5. Maintenance equipment (cork grease, valve oil, slide oil, etc.)
    6. Student’s using a school owned instrument will be responsible for any damages and repairs that become
      1. necessary while the instrument is checked out in that student’s name.