Welcome to Floyd County Schools Executive Internship Program!

What is an Executive Internship?

A student Executive Internship is an unpaid, career-focused experience during which students become directly involved in the workplace. This experience provides an opportunity for a student to apply the skills obtained in school to real work situations and to learn additional skills. An internship will also help students to define career goals.

Program Goals: At the end of the semester, students should be able to
          • Identify a career cluster of interest
          • Determine whether a career is compatible with interests, values, skills, and                         aptitudes
          • Prepare a resume
          • Develop interviewing skills
          • Write correct, timely thank you letters
          • Set priorities, plan use of time, adhere to a schedule
          • Develop effective interpersonal skills with workers and supervisors
          • Develop important work habits such as promptness, reliability and accuracy
          • Understand the evaluation process in the workplace
          • Explain the correct business attire and etiquette

Goals and Expectations:
          • Development of lifelong learning habits and work skills
          • Development of workplace interpersonal skills
          • Development of skills in prioritizing, self-management, and adherence to                              schedules
          • Exploration of a range of choices and opportunities within a specific career area
          • Acknowledgement that success in the business community requires commitment

Exceeding Goals:

Executive Internship students will develop advanced research skills and methods. These skills will be demonstrated in the student’s project and presentations.

Executive Internship students will develop and practice creative thinking and creative problem-solving skills with a variety of complex topics within the area of study. These skills will be demonstrated through reflections, sponsor evaluations, and participation in seminars.

Executive Internship students will develop and practice critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills in the pertinent academic area and apply them in real life settings. The internship gives the student the opportunity to apply the skills learned throughout their education. The seminars will focus on critical thinking and problem solving and will give the students the opportunity to share, reflect and learn from each other’s experiences.

Executive Internship students will develop advanced communication skills. The students will demonstrate these skills in the use of new techniques, materials, and formats in the development of projects that will be shared with real audiences.


  • Dependability

  • Communication

  • Promptness/Attendance

  • Sensitivity

  • Flexibility

  • Discretion

  • Independence

  • Accuracy

  • Creativity

  • Positive Attitude

  • Appropriate Grooming and Appearance


  • Provide an internship experience without pay that is broadly educational in scope.

  • Provide information on hours, office procedures, appropriate dress, and meeting procedures.

  • Provide opportunities for the intern to experience and learn daily tasks of the profession.

  • Keep the program coordinator apprised of any problems.

  • Evaluate the intern at the end of each semester.

  • Adhere to the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Performance Assessments:

Students will be graded on the following:

-Reporting regularly to an internship, completing assigned tasks/duties, attendance sheets, and mentor’s evaluation

-Reflections, Assignments, and Seminar Attendance

-Project and Presentation

(See appropriate attachments.)

Student Reflections/Journals:

During the internship experience, students will be required to submit a journal entry on the 1st of every month. These journal entries can recount their feelings about the work. They may provide an opportunity to post questions about work, challenges students are facing, or successes they have achieved. They may detail the type of work they are doing and the projects they are completing. Journal entries can include first impressions, reactions, struggles, successes, anecdotes, stories, feelings, and questions. Students respond using the following guidelines.

Word Count: Minimum 200 words

Submit to: aphawkins@floydboe.net

Due on the 1st of each month. Test Grade

Project Presentation

PowerPoint to be presented to all interns at the end of the second semester...15 slides.

Photos of experiences throughout the internship.

Reflections of lessons learned including “light bulb” moments, humorous moments, sad moments, changes in attitude, etc.

Goals for the future after the internship experience.

 2015 AHS Graduate Thomas Herrin interned last year with the WRGA radio stations.

For more information about how to become involved in the internship program as a mentor or sponsor, please contact Apryl Hawkins via email at aphawkins@floydboe.net.

For more information about how to apply for the program, click on "Application" to the left. Also, contact your counselor or assistant principal for scheduling procedures.

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