"No failure or success is necessarily final."

Course Overview

This course focuses on helping students learn about and improve the fundamental components of muscular strength and endurance, along with the development of fundamentally sound resistance training techniques. Various activities for speed, agility, and aerobic endurance will be used as a warm-up. The lifts will include the core lifts of bench press, squat, power clean and hang clean with alternating auxiliary lifts to compliment the muscles being targeted. 



Course Objectives

·         The students will demonstrate correct lifting form.

·         The student will demonstrate correct spotting techniques.

·         The student will display appropriate care of equipment and safety during the activities.

·         The student will demonstrate an increase in strength and endurance.

·         The student will participate in fitness assessments and developmentally appropriate health-related fitness activities.

·         The student will use fitness assessments results to establish individual goals for all fitness related component areas.

·         The student will pursue physical activities that promote fitness, relieve tension, and control weight in both school and non-school settings. 


Students will earn a grade each week. Students begin each week with 100 points. Each day is worth 20% of the weekly grade. Points will be deducted for non-participation, failure to follow safety rules, and failure to dress out.


Students will follow school wide procedures regarding tardies to class. Students who are not in their assigned area when the tardy bell rings will be sent to get a tardy pass.


According to Floyd County Board policy, a student who has more than 10 UNEXCUSED absences will automatically default credit for the course. 

Required Materials

·        Combination Lock

·         Dress Out Clothes (socks, t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, sweat pants, rubber soled athletic shoes)

 Class Expectations

·         No food or drink in the weight room or field house

·         No profanity

·         Dress out in the appropriate area

·         Stay with class at all times

  • NO Cell Phones in the weight room or locker room at anytime. 

 Student Responsibilities

·         Be on time (Be in your designated area when tardy bell rings)

·         Attend, dress out and participate in class activities

·         Lock all valuable possessions inside a locker or a secured area. The teacher is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Ensure that medical limitations from a doctor are placed on file with the athletic trainer.  

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