Welcome to the Floyd County Public Schools Title I Program

Title I Mission:  To prepare students for success in the classroom and for lifelong success in education.
 What is Title I? 
Title I is a federally funded program that provides supports with reading and mathematics for students in kindergarten-grade 7.  The federal funds in Title I are used for salaries for reading specialists, math specialist, coaches, teaching materials/resources, professional training, and parental involvement activities and events.
Title I Provides daily, one on one reading instruction, small group reading instruction, or team instruction with the classroom teacher.  Support for math instruction is provided by the division math specialist through coaching teachers, modeling, and providing professional development opportunities with math.





Tammy Huff
 Coordinator of Federal Programs, 
Testing and School Improvement

Vickie Williams
Division Reading Coach

 Jessica Brevard
Division Math Coach

Diane Huff
Instructional Secretary

 Students enjoy learning with the Title I teachers. 
Tammy Huff,
Aug 12, 2016, 7:31 AM