HTML Primer for Google Earth

You use html code in the pin descriptions in Google Earth. This way the information you include with placemarks can be much more visually appealing and easier to read. You can also include pictures.

Basic code:
  • Bold Text - <B>text here</B>
  • Italicized Text - <I>text here</I>
  • Underlined Text - <U>text here</U>
  • Big and Bold -
    • big <H3>text here</H3>
    • bigger <H2>text here</H2>
    • biggest <H1>text here</H1>
  • Line Break - <BR>
  • New Paragraph - <P>

Inserting Images: You can insert images from your Hard Drive or from the web. In either case you must know their exact location, you can't "browse" for images on the hard drive. The html tag is as follows:

<img src="the location of the image between the quotes">

The quotes are important. If you don't have them the image won't show up. To find the location of an image from the web you just have to right-click on it and select copy location. You can then paste the location into the pin description in Google Earth. If you're using an image from the web the location is simply the url.

You can also use embed code found on the web. Many internet videos have an embed code that can be put into pin descriptions in Google Earth. Not all video sites will work inside of Google Earth.