Mother's Against Pornography 
MAP it out
If you or any member of your family need help with this addiction -please see the web sites below.   

Dear Mothers and Fathers, Aunts and Uncles,

We need to unite to protect our children against this horrible evil.

Please help us fight this evil that leads to other acts of violence.

This group was created by a mother who loves her children dearly and wants to protect other children in our community too.


Prayers requests: 1-800-804-3823  To order the Novena to our Lady of Guadalupe 1-800-462-7426
Dear Mother Mary,
Please pray for us.  Who have recourse to thee.  Our children need you.  There is a terrible evilness going around in our world today.
It is all over the TV, Radio,Billboards and the Internet...We pray that the indecency will stop and our Children our safe.
God always triumphs because all goodness comes from God.  God is all powerful, God is our creator and will pull us out of the messes we create.
God frees us from the snares of the devil.
What can a mother do?
A lot ...
We can MAP it out!
MAP it out of your home!
MAP it out of your neighborhood!
MAP it out of your city!
MAP it out of your work place!
MAP it out of the hotel rooms that offer pornography as 
We can unite in saying the words:  "Mothers against pornography".  Words are very powerful especially when they come from a mother.
We can show our strength and determination.  The strength that comes upon us when we sense our children our in danger.
We can rise up to protect them.  We can fight the good fight. We can pray that the evil forces do not harm our children.  We can put the picture of our BLESSED  MOTHER MARY on our cars, televisions ,computers, and mailboxes to show that we are against pornography.
This will show that our homes our safe places. They our offering our children and young people as entertainment.  We must protect our children from the ever growing number of people who are addicted to pornography.  They are addicted to viewing our children and our young people.  There are no middle age or elderly.  Sexual child abusers are addicted to pornography.  It is only a matter of time before they act out their perversions.  Sin leads to more sin. You see, you think and then you act.  Our children our so vulnerable, so trusting, so sweet, beautiful and pure.
How did they become entertainers for the perverted? 
They were lured into it, forced into it, tricked.  They believe what we tell them. They trust us.  They were sexually abused and became objects of entertainment. These little ones are now also sick and full of perversion.  They are to grow up scarred and will be the next generation of abusers. Meanwhile, the number of children, teenagers, middle agers and the elderly who become addicted to pornography continues to grow enormously.
Where does this addiction to pornography lead? 
All people who are addicted to pornography are liars.   They must lie to hide what they
have become and what they are thinking.  An addiction is the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something.
It takes a village to protect a child. We must protect our children from viewing pornography. Children or even adults can not rid themselves
of the pornographic images.  We have a hard time turning away from such Images. It is frightening and intriguing at the same time.  Men and women who watch pornography are perverted and addicted.  No mother wants her child to someday be addicted to pornography and be perverted. No mother wants her child to someday sexually abuse a child or become a rapist.  No mother wants her child to be sexually abused, raped or killed.
We mothers love our children and we want what is best for them.  We want them to eat healthy and nourishing food.  We want them to have the best in all areas.  All our hopes and dreams are in our children. No mother wants her child to speak vulgarity or be sinful.  If our children become sinful it is our fault not theirs.
We have not stood watch over them.  We have not guarded their purity.
Pornography is not entertainment.
It is vile and brutal. Pornography is not a joke. It is hideous.  Pornography is not freedom. It is slavery. The work force is filled with people who are addicted to pornography.  These employees are not working to their capacity.  They are thinking about pornography and it has taken over their mind and has become their first priority.  Marriages are destroyed because of pornography addictions.  An addict will give up their spouse before they give up their addiction.   And how are these addicted parents viewing their own children?   What nightmarish thoughts are they thinking?  Our law enforcement knows the effects of pornography. Sexual predators,rapist, child molesters, date rapists, gang rapists all may have pornographic addictions.
 How does a seemingly good person become a perverted pornography addict?   
It is easy.  It happens in no time at all.  It only takes an introduction.  Introductions are everywhere.  Gone are the days of the back alley stores with the stigma of perversion.  Gone is the Brown paper bag hiding the evidence of indecency that would bring shame on them and on their families.  
 It is no longer their wife and children or job or country that comes first.  It is their addiction that owns them for the purpose of destroying them and what ever life they could have.  Addiction has a name. It is the devil.  He is our enemy and he comes to destroy us.  An enemy that only God can defeat.  When it is your child's mind, body and soul, there is no such thing as an overprotective mother. 
    What is Sexual Addiction?
Sexual addiction is any persistent and escalating unhealthy pattern of sexual behavior. It is compulsive in nature, used to avoid and change
feelings despite destructive consequences to self and others. It has many different levels of acting out, but the underlying characteristics are the same.