Welcome Back & Happy New Year!

posted Jan 2, 2018, 8:46 AM by Tiffany Floria   [ updated Jan 2, 2018, 8:48 AM ]
If you have chosen to complete the extra credit video assignment, links to your video must be submitted in Google Classroom no later than January 5th. Submissions after this date will NOT be accepted. No exceptions will be made. 

Tomorrow in class we will discuss the requirements for the final report that you will create based on the data you have collected from your ecotarium. Additional class time will not be devoted to this report - and you are responsible for submitting the report on time into Google Classroom. The due date for this report will be on January 12th. 

We only have a few school days before mid-term exams start! It is time to be sure your brain is back in school mode - so that you can demonstrate your learning. 

A few tips to prepare for exams:
 - Study in chunks - do not try to "cram" it all in one night!
 - Eat breakfast every day! A fed brain is a happy brain!
 - Keep an agenda - prioritize your assignments, friends, video games, and HW... be sure you are not wasting precious time 
 - Ask for help! Your teachers have help days for a reason - and they cannot read minds. Ask for help if you need it. 

As far as midterm exams, you should be aware that midterms account for 20% of a semester grade, which is equivalent to 10% of your yearly grade. As a result, the midterm exam can have a significant impact on your score. While a full class block will be dedicated to review for the midterm, ultimately all content and vocabulary is your responsibility. 

The topics that will appear on the exam are:

Tragedy of Commons
Earth Structures
Earth’s Atmosphere/Pollution
Earth’s Water Availability/Pollution
Population Dynamics

I have posted a planner with key questions on Google Classroom to get you started with your review.

With the "snow" day the Friday before break, the schedule for mid-term exams is now as follows:

Tuesday, January 16 A & B Exam
Wednesday, January 17 C & D Exam
Thursday, January 18 E & F Exam
Friday, January 19 G & Make-up Exam

Copy of Semester Exam Bulletin January 2018