High-heel pain relief has finally arrived! TM

The Flip Slip is a Mary Jane ballet flat that folds in half, collapses, and completely reverses to convert into its own pouch for dirty soles. The shoe was designed to be compact so that an extra pair of comfortable walking flats can be conveniently carried inside a small purse or a pocket. Some women carry an extra pair of slippers or flips-flops, but that’s very inconvenient, since most shoes can’t fit inside a small purse and the soles get the purse dirty.

Flip Slips are ideal for use during commutes, preserving the life of more expensive shoes, while fashionably protecting feet. The “Mary Jane” is one of the most recognizable women’s shoe styles, and the design was chosen not just for utility purposes, but also because of its appeal to a wide range of women and versatility. The problem of high-heels is one that affects all women, and there have been countless variations of the Mary Jane since it was created, but this is the world’s first foldable, self-containable Mary Jane!

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