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Google Sites as a Tool for Student Portfolios

Google Sites allows users to create websites for free. Come and see how you can use Google Sites for student portfolios at all grades.
  • Demonstrate Learning
  • Demonstrate Mastery
  • Showcase of Published Work
  • Walled Garden between you and student
  • Published to the District or Domain
  • Published to a certain group of people
  • Published to the World
What to include
  • Introduction and table of contents
    • Set up your structure
    • Goals of your Portfolio
    • Contact information, Social Media
    • Recent Updates to your site
  • Artifacts
    • Attachments
    • Links
      • Google Docs, Presentations, Spreadsheets
      • Web 2.0 
    • Videos
    • Embed
  • Reflections
    • Google Forms
    • Google Docs
    • Announcements page
Key Skills
  • Edit Page
  • Create page
  • Link
  • Embed
  • Insert Folder from Drive

Google Sites for ePortfolios


Additional Resources

Google Sites Resources

Important Concepts

Google Sites Resources

- Google Products


For advanced users, try at least 2 of the following activities.
Try using the embed gadget in the Featured category to embed a non-Google product such as a Slideshare or VoiceThread link. If you are looking for material to embed, try the following links:
  • Go to More>Manage Site>Site Layout>Colors and Fonts. Check out the great variety of fonts that are now available to you. Try to customize your Site so that it looks quite different than the basic templates and themes.
  •  Embedding a YouTube playlist to your Google Site. Get ideas on how to do this from this blog post on embedding playlists on Blogger.
  • Save a page as a template. More>Manage Site>Page Templates
  • Save a Google Site as a template. More>Manage Site>General

Advanced Resources