Euchee Valley Presbyterian Church Cemetery Transcription

Magnolia Cemetery Records from the City of DeFuniak Springs

Name Latitude Longitude Location
Dead River Cemetery 303208N 0855518W Redbay
Redbay Cemetery 303645N 0855627W Redbay
Antioch Cemetery 303020N 0855958W Redbay
Padgett Cemetery 305418N 0860314W Darlington
Limestone Cemetery 305847N 0860427W Darlington
Ray Cemetery 304859N 0860556W Glendale
Hatcher Cemetery 303016N 0861036W Portland
New Home Cemetery 303642N 0861202W Portland
Oak Ridge Cemetery 304326N 0861318W De Funiak Springs West
Santa Rosa Cemetery 302113N 0861349W Grayton Beach
Hewas Cemetery 303131N 0861517W Niceville SE
Brown Cemetery 303029N 0861527W Niceville SE
Miller Cemetery 305438N 0861704W Paxton
Black Oak Cemetery 303040N 0861705W Niceville SE
Greenwood Cemetery 305937N 0862029W Paxton
Crowder Cemetery 304719N 0862124W New Harmony

Source:  GNIS Feature Search  (http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic)

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