Most of us have at least one ancestor for whom we have only sketchy information as to where they were from or where they went. The US Census is so valuable to us as researchers, but often we are only left with the name of the state where our ancestor was born. It is wonderful when we can find them on additional census and learn where they were living during the given year of the enumeration. Hopefully we can provide some helpful links here, to aid in your search for your elusive ancestors.

If you know the city, but don't know the county, search the RootsWeb Town/County Database.

If you are looking for some place name in the State of Florida, try searching out old maps. There are many resources online now. Some links will be provided here on this site. If you have found them on a census, try looking for a map that was created around that same time.

If it is an elusive place name, but you know the county, try contacting the local Historical Society in that county. They often have a great deal of knowledge about the area. Or check with the local library in that county.

Florida has several defunct counties. Mosquito County was in the area around present day Orlando, Florida. Benton County was part of the present day Hernando and Pasco Counties. Fayette County was part of present day Calhoun and Jackson Counties.