Queries & Lookups

St. Lucie County utilizes a Google Group as our Official Query and general Look-Up requests.  You can join now.

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Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Look ups

The following folks have agreed to perform look-ups. Please keep in mind that these kind folks have volunteered to do look ups at no charge, so please remember to thank them kindly and pass it forward by committing random acts of genealogical kindness. Also remember that you may be asked to provide reimbursement for nominal copying and postage charges.

Linda Hudson will look up obituaries (1905-Present), take cemetery photos and will search public records in St. Lucie County.  St. Lucie County Gen Web has access to Stone Brothers Funeral Home Records 1932 to 1960, St. Lucie County Cemeteries Book, Vol. 1 and other records housed at the St. Lucie County Public Library in Downtown Fort Pierce.  Click on Linda Hudson at right to make a request. 

Want to volunteer?

If you have access to St. Lucie County records or books that are just TOO big to submit as a post, you can volunteer to do "Look Ups." Be specific about what you have and what you will do. This can run the gamut from checking an index for a name, to getting more detailed information from the library, or even to going to the Courthouse to look up records there.

If you would like to volunteer to do look ups, please go here and complete the form.