Viking - Woodley


Settled originally in 1892 by Major B. Daniels. He was joined three years later by Jens Helseth, who like Daniels began growing pineapples. As the tiny village grew, it came to be known as Viking, due to the preponderance of Scandinavians living there. The settlement was located north of St. Lucie Village. A portion of the area is now called Indrio. It had a post office, a school and was a flag stop on the Florida East Coast Railroad.


In the early 20th century Tibbals was renamed Walton in honor of Izaak Walton, a seventeenth century English author and fisherman. With the change in name they seceded from their southern neighbor, Eden.

White City

A planned Dane community it began a little south of pioneer Frank Bell's ranch. Sadly, settlers made down payments for lots to a banker, Colonel Myers, who left town with those payments as well as their savings. Many left when their crops failed in the winter of 1894-95. Those who stayed worked off their indebtedness and gained deeds by improving the land and the interest due by building roads.


Named for the large plantation established by J.T. Gray, an early settler. He was of the Georgia aristocracy and named his plantation Woodley. Re-named Quay in 1902, it is the present day Winter Beach, Indian River County.