Ankona - Crawford's Point


Named for Dr. John Fletcher Ankeny who purchased land eight miles south of Fort Pierce, along Indian River, in April of 1883. He built a small house on the property. His brother Rollin Valentine Ankeny migrated in 1902 and built a home on Indian River Drive which is still inhabited.


At the start of the 20th century this area hidden deep in the Savannas was the only place that people of color could go for recreation. A merry collection of bars, casinos and brothels the music and revelry could be heard miles away. The local sheriff tolerated this frivolity until rumors implied that northern outlaws were hiding there. The sheriff formed a posse and arrested everyone present. The posse burned the thatched roofed huts to the ground.

Can Town

In the late nineteenth century, the area along the south bank of Moore's Creek, (modern day Avenue A and Indian River Drive) went by this name because of a large seafood canning plant located there. The plant was closed in 1896. The building was purchased by Peter P. Cobb and converted into a general store. Can Town became part of the new city of Fort Pierce in 1901.

Crawford's Point

The folks in the area north of Fort Pierce established this community. It is now called Oslo. It had a post office, schools and was a flag stop on the Florida East Coast Railroad. Now part of Indian River County.