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WWII Casualty List

World War II Casualties
Flagler & St. Johns Counties

Last Updated May 9, 1997

This information contributed by John Patrick MacKenzie

Flagler County:

Crane, Harold G. Sgt. Killed in Action
Deen, Joy M. 1st. Lt. Killed in Action
Durrance, Julian F. Pvt. Killed in Action
Lee, William H. SSGT. Died Non-Battle
Mitchell, Versie L. PFC. Died Non-Battle

St. John's County:

Adams, Horace H. Sgt. Killed in Action
Babcock, Elliott C. Maj. Died Non-Battle
Bradley, Reginald E. PVT. Killed in Action
Brinson, Philip L. SSG. FOD
Brown, Marion R. 2nd. Lt. Killed in Action
Browning, John P. Sgt. Killed in Action
Bruer, George H. SSG. Died Non-Battle
Cannon, Carl D. CPL. Died Non-Battle
Christopher, James H. PFC. Killed in Action
Clements, Joe L. SSG. Killed in Action
Crosby, James D. SSG. Killed in Action
Davis, Warren D. Maj. Died Non-Battle
Denton, Max Jr. Sgt. Killed in Action
Golden, William C. 1st. Lt. Killed in Action
Hall, Russell E. 1st. Lt. Killed in Action
Hellas, Harry Jr. PFC. Died of Wounds
Herring, Francis M. 1st. Sgt. Killed in Action
Hill, Charles R. 2nd. Lt. Died Non-Battle
Jackson, Barney PFC Killed in Action
Kitchler, William C. 3rd. Lt. FOD
McGuire, William E. 1st. Lt. Died Non-Battle
Mickler, Buel A. SSG. Died Non-Battle
Mills, Meredith Jr. SSG. Died Non-Battle
Nettles, George SSG. Killed in Action
Owens, George Jr. Pvt. Died Non-Battle
Pacetti, Clinton S. Jr. PFC. Killed in Action
Palhes, Jere P. Capt. Killed in Action
Pendleton, James V. WOJC Died Non-Battle
Pinkson, Joseph 1st. Lt. Died Non-Battle
Rake, Harold E. Pvt. Died Non-Battle
Ramsey, Albert C. PFC. Died Non-Battle
Roche, Billy 2nd. Lt. FOD
Sisboner, Francis H. Pvt. Killed in Action
Smith, Warner H. Cpl. Died Non-Battle
Stephens, John H. Jr. PFC. Killed in Action
Tate, Frederic Capt. Killed in Action
Tate, Joseph S. Jr. Lt. FOD
Walters, Grady SSG. Died of Injuries
Williams, Willard D. Pvt. Died Non-Battle
Wilson, Lawrence Sgt. Died Non-Battle
Wood, Hansel G. Pvt. Died Non-Battle