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Welcome to our special Cemetery Tour ... so many of us have friends and loved ones in these “hallowed grounds” and we invite your memories and comments as we go down memory lane together.

Leave our Church at 8:30 A.M. Sharp:

  1. ORIGINAL SITE OF FIRST Church - Place temporary marker and then visit the OLD OBBC Cemetery (Off Hwy 40 and on Cemetery Road)
    Led by: Elden Luffman and R.H. Holly, Jr.
    Led by: Carol Welihoner Farmer and Dorothy McDonald Redding
    Led by: Ethel Wall McDonald
  4. GORE CEMETERY (Off Lacota Road)
    Led by: Freeman Godwin
  5. HULL CEMETERY (Off 314A North)
    Led by: Nuby Shealy
  6. CHALKER CEMETERY (Off 314A South)
    Led by: Fay Holly Rogers and Richard Mills
    Led by: Reverend John Temoschuk and Fay Holly Rogers

On April 7, 1989, Pastor John Temoschuk was honored by Stetson University. Then on April 30, at the morning service at our Church, Rev. Dr. John Pelham, representing Stetson University, gave the morning message and presented our Church with a framed award for the Pastor, recognizing him as Pastor of the Year.

The annual Sunday School Picnic was held May 27, 1989, at Camp Kiwanis. Those who attended enjoyed the activities including swimming, volleyball, horseshoes, and fishing, as well as plenty of barbecue chicken.

In August of 1989, it was decided that a Flower Committee was needed. This Committee would be responsible for providing appropriate floral arrangements and decorations in the Church Sanctuary as needed for regular services. This committee was also to coordinate decorations for special occasions, excluding weddings, receptions, and showers.

On August 9, 1989, Mrs. Bobby Grant was recognized for her faithfulness to our Church for so many years in placing flowers in the Church every Sunday and on all other occasions and for decorating so beautifully during the holidays. All this has been done at no expense to the Church.

On Sunday, October 15, 1989, a special Commissioning-Dedication Service was held for Lloyd and. Connie Grant Rodgers. They and their two children will soon be going to Costa Rica where they will attend language school in preparation for their work as missionaries in Venezuela. Connie is the daughter of T. C. and Bobby Mills Grant. She was born in our community and grew up in the fellowship of this Church.

The second Ecumenical Choir Festival of East Marion, sponsored by the East Marion Chamber of Commerce, was held at Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church on Thursday, December 14, 1990, at 7:00 P.M. Choirs from Churches in the area brought songs of this glorious season of the birth of Jesus.

Our Church Council recommended that our Church participate in World Mission Conference sponsored by the Marion Baptist Association on October 14-17, 1990.

On April 4, 1990, Reverend John Temoschuk resignation was read and approved, effective April 30, 1990. Reverend Temoschuk, who had been our Pastor since January 19, 1983, will be retiring from full time pastorate.

On May 9, 1990, our Church selected Reverend Marshall Boroughs as Interim Pastor to serve until a regular Pastor could be called. He and his wife, Margaret, by love and dedication, have endeared themselves to all of us.

On July 11, 1990, at our Church Conference, Reverend Jimmy Snell, by majority vote, was called as our new Pastor. Reverend Snell, wife, Bobbie, and their three children, Tammy, Pamela and Jamie, started their work with us on August 27, 1990. We look forward to great work for the Lord with the joint effort of our Church members and Reverend Snell and family.

Our Church, located on the northern shore of Mothershed Lake (now known as Church Lake), in the beautiful Ocala National Forest, continues to thrive as it attempts to serve the needs of our community. Again we celebrate another Homecoming — our 135th — and we praise God and give thanks for the labors of His willing servants.

Deacons ordained since 1985:

  1. Robert Hilts October 30, 1988
  2. Nicholas Wehring     October 30, 1988
  3. Steve Bohannon     October 30, 1988

This additional history compiled by the Church Historical Committee, consisting of Mr. Richard Mills, Chairman, Mrs. Ellen Henderson Hutto, Mr. Nuby Shealy, Mrs. Fay Holly Rogers, Mrs. Caroline Welihoner Farmer, and Mrs. Hope Howard Holden.


  1. Samuel Thomas Stanaland     ?? - 1867
  2. J. P. Parker nbsp;  1867 - 1882
  3. W. J. Hughes    1883 - 1889
  4. Harmon C. Martin    1889 - 1898
  5. Benjamin I. Hull   1899
  6. T. N. Spicer     1900 - 1901
  7. J. P. Reaves     1902 - 1904
  8. Z. A. Crumpton     1905 - 1906
  9. Newton B. Plummer     1907 - 1909
  10. Robert Furman Rogers     1910
  11. J. Haraldson     1911 (1st Half)
  12. Edward Marion Henderson     1911 (2nd Half)
  13. W. L. Martin     1912
  14. R.J. Gorbet     1913
  15. Benjamin I. Hull (Uncle Sam)     1914 - 1915
  16. Robert Furman Rogers     1916
  17. Hawley E. Ridenour     1917 - 1918
  18. R. Strickland     1919
  19. Gus Padgett     1920 - 1922
  20. J. C. Boatwright     1923 - 1924
  21. R. E. Burke     1925 - 1926
  22. P. M. Yeargan     1927 - 1928
  23. James L. Moore     1929 - 1934
  24. Almer Kelly     1935
  25. James L. Moore     1936 - 1942
  26. David M. Gardner, Jr.     Oct. 1942 - 1943
  27. Harold Mitchell     Oct. 1943 – Aug. 1945
  28. Walter R. Faust     1946 - 1947
  29. J. R. Vasser     1948 - 1950
  30. Walter I. Lampp     Dec. 24, 1950 – June 22, 1963
  31. Raymond L. Estesv     Dec. 18, 1963 – April 27, 1981
  32. John Tucker     Dec. 30, 1981 – May 5, 1982
  33. John Temoschuk     Jan. 19, 1983 – April 30, 1990
  34. Jimmy Snell     Aug. 27, 1990 - 

According to old church minutes, 1871 - 1881, we should add the following names as pastors of the church:

  1. Bro. Kerkien     1871
  2. Bro. Mcglan (McLain?)     1872
  3. Bro. Hull     1873
  4. Bro. Canton     1874
  5. Bro. Hamon     1874

Also, according to a copy of an old associational letter, S.T. Stanley (Stanaland) was pastor in 1864 as well as 1867.

Old Cemeteries East of The Ocklawaha River:

Lake Kerr, Pats Island, Powell Town (Gore), Conner Graham, Old Ocklawaha Bridge Ocklawaha Bridge, Griggs, Hull, Chalker, Stanaland, Lake Bryant, Electra, Moss Bluff

A Continuing History of the Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church