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Umatilla High School

In 1874, a little log school was built on the southwest side of Lake Enola. It was about 12x14 feet with one door and no windows.  Cracks between the logs gave sufficient light.  The children sat on hewed log benches.  The benches were arranged so the children could lean against the wall.  It was built by Nathan J. Trowell, Dave McCredie and Warren Smith.  There were ten pupils and four patrons. 
After the second term, the patrons built a frame building at Bay Springs, on the old Ocala-Orlando road.  Casper Roberts was the first teacher.  He was succeeded by Fletcher Smith.  Captian Grier taught taught three terms of three months each.  He was followed by E.A. Wilson (Oct 1877-Dec 1877); Chandler (Oct 1878-Dec 1879), and Jim M. Owens Sep 1879-Oct 1880), who taught only one term when a cyclone destroyed the school building.
The next school house was located at the Shields' estate and was a private school with a Mr. Roberts as teacher, employed and paid by J.M. Owens Sr. and N.J. Trowell.
Shortly after this a school was built in Osceola Park.  This school house was also used as a Baptist Church.  Some the teachers were: J.M. Owens, Don Hollinger, M.L. Owens, Mr. Belton, Mr. Gillespie, Professor Hoyt and his wife; Captain Grier, and Mr. Clyatt.
It appears that some years there were no schools in the area and the children went to St. Clair, Altoona or Glendale, all of which were larger towns with better schools. 
A two-story wooden school was built (date unknown).  Teachers were Rosa Owens, Ora Stoops, Mae Whitley, Miss Ezell, and Professor William T. Kennedy.  The school house burned in 1907 and for a while the Old Masonic Hall, where the Cities Gas Station stands was used as a school.
Another school was built in the winter of 1909-1910.  The school served all grades until the brick Junior High School was built in 1915.  The High School building was not finished until 1923.    The first class to graduate from the school after it became a state-accredited high school, was the Class of 1921.
Principles serving after the High School was accredited were:
W.E. Smith  1921-1927
Ellis More 1928-1935
D.F. Rollins 1936-1939
Ellis Moore 1939-
This history was obtained from one of Umatilla High School's Year Books. 
1923 Umatilla High School, this high school was used until the early 1960s, when a new high school was built on the block behind the school.