Leesburg, Lake County Florida

American Revolution: 1775-1784

First Seminole War:  1814-1819, 1816-1818, 1817-1818(dates not firmly established)

Second Seminole War: 1835-1842

Third Seminole War:  1861-1865

Civil War1861-1865 (Known as War Between the States)

Spanish American War:  1898-1902
War between the United States and Spain

World War I:  1914-1918 (Centered in Europe)

World War II:  1939-1945 (A global military conflict which involved most of the world's nations)

Korean Conflict:  1950-1953 (Military conflict that was a result of the physical division of Korea)

Vietnam War:  1962-1975 (War between North Vietnam and South Vietnam)
The United States became involved in 1965.  The war ended in 1975 with the fall of Siagon