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Graceville, Jackson County, Florida

Graceville is located in the Northwest corner of Jackson County (30.956N - 85.516W).  Bordered by Holmes County on the West, and a few miles from the Alabama border on the North, it was incorporated in 1903.  Graceville was named for a community populated largely by the Grace family.  Early paternal ancestor of the family, Captain H.B. Grace, was a surveyor and Confederate Officer.  The Graces originally owned land near Campbellton, Jackson, Florida.
Graceville was once home to the largest operating peanut mill in the world.  The old mill can still be seen near the downtown area.  Graceville became the smallest town in the United States to have a professional baseball team in 1952.  The Graceville Oilers played in the Alabama-Florida League for seven seasons.
Graceville is home of the Baptist College of Florida, founded in 1943.  Many historic buildings have been brought onto the college campus' Heritage Village, including an old, one room schoolhouse, churches and others.
Today, Graceville, with a population of about 2,000 people, is still home to the kind of shops that truly take you to a time in the past, including the Service Drug Store which still offers fountain drinks.
Cemeteries in or near Graceville include:  The Damascus Baptist Church Cemetery, Galilee United Methodist Church Cemetery, Hinson Cemetery and Selma Cemetery.