Populated Places

        Map courtesy of http://fcit.usf.edu/florida/maps

Jackson County is located in the Northwest Panhandle of the State of Florida.  It is the only county in Florida that borders both Georgia and Alabama.  Jackson County is in the Central Standard Time Zone.  It encompasses an area of 954.58 square miles, of which 38.94 square miles is water.  Founded in 1822,
 Adjacent Counties  Municipalities Other Communities, Ghost Towns, or Populated Places
 Seminole County, Georgia - east  Town of Alford  Alliance
 Gadsden County, Florida - southeast  Town of Bascom  Browntown
 Liberty County, Florida - southeast  Town of Campbellton  Buena Vista
 Calhoun County, Florida - south  Town of Cottondale  Butler (historical)
 Washington County, Florida - southwest  Cypress (unincorporated)  Chipola Terrace
 Bay County, Florida - southwest  City of Graceville  Collins Mill
 Holmes County, Florida - west  Town of Grand Ridge  Compass Lake
 Geneava County, Alabama - northwest  Town of Greenwood  Dellwood
 Houston County, Alabama - north  Town of Jacob City  Ekanachatte (historical)
   Town of Malone  Ellaville
   City of Marianna  Ellis
   Round Lake (unincorporated)  Glass
   Town of Sneads  Hayes
   Two Egg (unincorporated)  Hornsville
     Hyhappo (historical)
     Kent Mill
     Mallory Heights
     Ocheesee Gardens
     Ochisi (historical)
     Oktahatko (historical)
     Osochi (historical)
     Richter Crossroads
     Rock Creek
     Shady Grove
     Sink Creek
     Steele City
     Tamathli (historical)
     Tocktoethla (historical)
     Waddells Mill
     Yamassee (historical)
Alford 304138N 0852332W
Kent Mill 304011N 0852539W
Round Lake 303906N 0852320W
Steele City 304328N 0852316W
Alliance 303636N 0850649W
Sink Creek 303722N 0850906W
Bascom 305541N 0850707W
Buena Vista 305247N 0850206W
Hornsville 305629N 0850013W
Lovedale 305248N 0850235W
Ochisi (historical) 302901N 0845700W
Campbellton 305658N 0852408W
Jacobs 305342N 0852352W
Browntown 305857N 0852802W
Ellaville 305830N 0852236W
Rambo 305949N 0852414W
Richter Crossroads 305013N 0853008W
Compass Lake 303534N 0852334W
Waddells Mill 305214N 0851932W
Cottondale 304750N 0852236W
Glass 305152N 0852543W
Cypress 304248N 0850426W
Grand Ridge 304245N 0850113W
Dellwood 304926N 0850259W
Two Egg 305110N 0850435W
Tocktoethla (historical) 305201N 0845800W
Parramore 305220N 0845935W
Haynes 305207N 0845727W
Butler (historical) 304753N 0845637W
Ekanachatte (historical) 295931N 0850040W
Graceville 305725N 0853100W
Collins Mill 305758N 0853152W
Kynesville 304353N 0852117W
Malone 305728N 0850944W
Ellis 305558N 0851410W
Ellis Church 305755N 0851423W
Greenwood 305213N 0850943W
Marianna 304628N 0851337W
Chipola Terrace 304939N 0850957W
Mallory Heights 304541N 0851120W
Oakdale 304238N 0851107W
Simsville 304051N 0851027W
Rock Creek 303907N 0850937W
Star 304304N 0850812W
Hyhappo (historical) 303701N 0845930W
Oktahatko (historical) 305601N 0851600W
Sills 305643N 0851700W
Sneads 304228N 0845528W
Tamathli (historical) 304201N 0845500W
Yamassee (historical) 304001N 0845700W
Osochi (historical) 303801N 0845700W
Inwood 304202N 0845827W
Shady Grove 303911N 0845947W
Sinai 303943N 0845437W
Ocheesee Gardens 303927N 0845812W