There are surveys of many of the Jackson County cemeteries available.  Most of these surveys were completed in the late 1990's and are great resources.  
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Unfortunately, over the years some cemeteries have become "lost".  Most often, they were unmarked and were plowed under or built over.  Some, known to exist, never had any headstones.  Below is a listing of some of these cemeteries.

The list below is just for reference.  This list will be removed as more new surveys are added.
Name Latitude Longitude Location
Bazzell Cemetery 305252N 0850144W Bascom
Braxton Cemetery 304407N 0851104W Oakdale
Carpenter Cemetery 304400N 0850145W Cypress
Coonrod Cemetery 305954N 0850744W Malone
Cow Pen Cemetery 304758N 0850043W Dellwood
Damascus Cemetery 305618N 0853111W Graceville
Dyke Cemetery 304540N 0851350W Marianna
Dykes Cemetery 304427N 0845812W Sneads
Elder Cemetery 303846N 0851122W Oakdale
Evergreen Cemetery 303940N 0850631W Cypress
Friendship Cemetery 305735N 0852055W Sills
Fulgum Cemetery 304646N 0850325W Dellwood
Grant Cemetery 304238N 0851130W Oakdale
Hays Cemetery 305445N 0851341W Malone
Hill Cemetery 304338N 0850723W Cypress
Hinson Cemetery 305753N 0852825W Campbellton
Jerusalem Cemetery 304137N 0851245W Oakdale
Lipford Cemetery 303939N 0851500W Kynesville
Little Rocky Cemetery 304106N 0850952W Oakdale
Logan Cemetery 304019N 0850714W Cypress
Maddox Cemetery 303718N 0851258W Altha West
McCormick Cemetery 303801N 0851937W Kynesville
McNeally Cemetery 305334N 0851442W Malone
Mount Zion Cemetery 305043N 0853118W Chipley
Nubbin Ridge Cemetery 305240N 0850737W Malone
Orange Hill Cemetery 304620N 0851438W Marianna
Pelt Cemetery 304348N 0851252W Oakdale
Pinecrest Memorial Gardens 304841N 0851115W Marianna
Pledger Cemetery 303842N 0851334W Oakdale
Pope Cemetery 304316N 0845524W Sneads
Poplar Spring Cemetery 304551N 0850932W Marianna
Riverside Cemetery 304615N 0851315W Marianna
Robinson Cemetery 304747N 0845629W Fairchild
Roulhac Cemetery 304522N 0851408W Marianna
Sand Ridge Cemetery 304907N 0845930W Fairchild
Simpsons Cemetery 304509N 0845947W Fairchild
Sims Cemetery 304145N 0851102W Oakdale
Sinai Cemetery 303938N 0845556W Sneads
Stephens Cemetery 304443N 0850342W Cypress
Victory Cemetery 303943N 0852057W Kynesville
Walters Cemetery 303805N 0850310W Cypress
Wester Cemetery 304356N 0850011W Cypress
Whiddon Cemetery 304904N 0845729W Fairchild
Yon Cemetery 303903N 0845702W Sneads