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Name Latitude Longitude Location
Bethlehem Church 303704N 0843723W Quincy
Campbell Chapel 304047N 0843343W Dogtown
China Hill Church 303656N 0842703W Havana South
Flat Creek Church 303602N 0844739W Sycamore
Friendship Church 303425N 0843735W Gretna
Greensboro Church 303306N 0844929W Sycamore
Hickory Hill Church 303618N 0843144W Quincy
Hopewell Church 303638N 0842735W Havana South
Little River Church 303549N 0843209W Quincy
Little Sycamore Church 303555N 0845053W Sycamore
Macedonia Church 303109N 0843858W Gretna
Mayflower Church 304025N 0842709W Havana North
Mount Calvary Church 304139N 0843725W Dogtown
Mount Glory Church 304040N 0843809W Mount Pleasant
Mount Hosey Church 304125N 0843650W Dogtown
Mount Olive Church 303027N 0843400W Quincy
Mount Olive Church 303531N 0844437W Gretna
Mount Pilgrim Church 303131N 0843234W Quincy
Mount Pleasant Church 304135N 0844528W Chattahoochee
Mount Sinai Church 303118N 0843626W Quincy
Mount Zion Church 303608N 0843953W Gretna
Mount Zion Church 304129N 0843919W Mount Pleasant
Neals Temple 303642N 0842703W Havana South
New Bethel Church 303415N 0843250W Quincy
New Zion Church 303134N 0843450W Quincy
Peace Church 303540N 0844234W Gretna
Philadelphia Church 303838N 0843438W Dogtown
Pine Grove Church 303210N 0844811W Sycamore
Piney Grove Church 303625N 0842336W Havana South
Pleasant Hope Church 304006N 0843822W Mount Pleasant
Providence Church 303256N 0844317W Gretna
River Hill Church 303908N 0845145W Chattahoochee
Saint Elizabeth Church 303812N 0843434W Dogtown
Saint Hebron Church 303738N 0843139W Dogtown
Saint James Church 303506N 0842540W Havana South
Saint James Church 303632N 0845146W Sycamore
Saint James Church 303715N 0845131W Sycamore
Saint Johns Church 303115N 0842716W Havana South
Saint Johns Church 303933N 0842113W Calvary
Saint Marks Church 303149N 0843540W Quincy
Saint Marys Church 303058N 0844156W Gretna
Saint Marys Church 304002N 0841852W Calvary
Saint Matthews Church 303627N 0843108W Quincy
Saint Pauls Church 303108N 0842714W Havana South
Saint Pauls Church 303727N 0844006W Gretna
Saint Stevens Church 303557N 0843940W Gretna
Shiloh Church 303229N 0843537W Quincy
Sycamore Church 303456N 0844727W Sycamore
Union Chapel 303320N 0844121W Gretna
Zion Hope Church 303543N 0843854W Gretna
Mount Zion Church 303927N 0842400W Havana North
Campbell Chapel 304046N 0843344W Dogtown
Rich Bay Church 303558N 0842332W Havana South
Saint Louis Catholic Church 303431N 0843720W Quincy
Saint John Missionary Baptist Church 303116N 0842720W Havana South
New Zion Primitive Baptist Church 303131N 0843455W Quincy
Antioch Church 302815N 0843735W Bloxham
Bear Creek Church 302946N 0843909W Bloxham
Ebenezer Church 302703N 0843515W Lake Talquin
Galilee Church 302931N 0842859W Midway
Mount Moriah Church 302931N 0842906W Midway
Saint Lukes Church 302921N 0842615W Midway
Saint Peters Church 302933N 0842958W Midway
Saint Luke Primitive Baptist Church 302921N 0842615W Midway
Poley Branch Church 303120N 0844856W Sycamore

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