Daniel F. Sullivan

b. On Foreign Will.

Form No. 15747.

(Precedent in Leatherwood v. Sullivan, 81 Ala. 459.)1

The State of Alabama, \ Probate Court.

Escambia county. \ November Term, 8th, 1884.

The will of Daniel F. Sullivan of Escambia county, Florida, having been duly probated in said county of Escambia, and State of Florida, and H. M. Sullivan and Emily S. Sullivan named as executors therein, having been [?] filed in the Probate Court of Escambia county, State of Alabama, a copy of the will under which said executors were appointed, together with a certificate of the Hon. N. C. Shackelford, judge of the court in which said will was probated, that said will was regularly proved and established, and that letters testamentary were issued thereon to the said M. H. Sullivan and Emily S. Sullivan, in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, and the will of the said D. F. Sullivan, deceased, having been duly probated, and it appearing in said will, it is expressly provided that no bond be required of said executors, and that said court issuing said original letters has not required any bond of said executors; additional letters testamentary are hereby granted to said M. H. Sullivan and Emily S. Sullivan, the said executors named in said will, who have complied with the requisition of the law, and are authorized to take upon themselves the execution of said will, so far as relates to the assets of said D. F. Sullivan, deceased, which may be within the State of Alabama.

Dated this the 8th day of November, A. D. I8&4

N. R. Leigh, Probate Judge

Source:  Encyclopaedia of forms and precedents for pleading and practice at common law, in equity, and under the various codes and practice acts, Volume 14, Page 378
William Henry Michael, William Mack, Howard Pervear Nash, James Cockcroft, Thomas Edward O'Brien
J. Cockroft, 1901 - Law

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