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Baker County Deaths

1911- 1916

The following information was extracted from the Florida Death Index for use on the Baker County FLGenWeb site by Laverne Tornow. Every effort has been made to assure accuracy and any errors that deviate from the original microfilm are mine. FLGenWeb is a member of the USGenWeb Project.

First Name Last Name Date County Race
  Thomas 1911 Baker White
  Thomas 1911 Baker White
Salla Thompson 1911 Baker
Mrs Laura Barton 1912 Baker White
J. S. Deumont 1912 Baker White
Garl Dinkins 1912 Baker White
Janie Smith 1912 Baker
Jack A. Hicks 1913 Baker White
Henry Mason 1913 Baker Black
Joe Peterson 1913 Baker  
Joe H Beard 1914 Baker   White
  Denmark 1915 Baker White
G R Blair 1916 Baker   White  
Fred Chester Brigden 1916 Baker   White  
  Davis 1916 Baker   White  
Ozzie C Dowling 1916 Baker   White  
Ola Gaskins 1916 Baker   Black  
Bosie Givins 1916 Baker   Black  
Ira Green 1916 Baker   White  
Alma Roberts 1916 Baker   White  
Isaac Thompson 1916 Baker   Black