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Here at LG Enterprise we are committed to providing excellence within our products and services.

  • Products - Flex-Flyers toy/craft, Flex-Flyers Blow Gliders are sold as stock items or as customizable promotional tools.                                  
  • Services - Online customization website at flex-flyers.com.  In house personalization and customizations services are offered as well.

At LG Enterprise, we produce, assemble, package and ship our own products,
 We proudly display MADE IN USA on them. 

  Owner Lorenzo Gonzales

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Customize - Personalize - Advertise

The Flex-Flyers Blow Gliders are part craft, part toy that  you assemble in just minutes.  All materials are included in the package to create one Flex-Flyers toy glider.
All you need are a pair of scissors or craft knife and a straight edge (adults help young children).  Recommended ages are 4 and older to fly, 7 and older to assemble.


                                                                                                  If you are interested in our product please don't hesitate to
                                                                                                                                      contact us
Caution: Nose-cone is a "small part" choking hazard for young children

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