Welcome to Math with Mrs. Watters
7th Grade Math & Pre-Algebra

Below is information about homework, power points, and calculators. You can find more information about the teacher, the class, assignments, and contact information by clicking on the tabs on the left.


It is a good idea to purchase a scientific calculator for this class to use . Students will be using them often and will continue to use calculators throughout  high school. I prefer Texas Instruments; TI 30XIIS. Students need a calculator that they are familiar with to use on Istep.

Most of my lessons were created with PowerPoint. If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, please download the viewer at the following website! 


Links to powerpoints/lessons will be posted on my planbook site. 



If students make corrections to quizzes (and tests), they can earn points back. Encourage your child to do these corrects as it will help the quiz score as well as help them study for the test!