Thesis Paper Overview

World History B - Historical Thesis Paper
In this writing assignment you will be asked to support a thesis. This paper requires extensive research and personal analysis. You will be expected to use a minimum of four sources on the historical topic you have chosen to research. These scholarly sources can be books or articles from journals, written or online.
Task Description:
Thesis paper: This is not an informative paper, but one that makes an argument and includes information that supports it (see Tips for a Good Thesis Paper).

Since there will be lots of information on virtually every topic, a good thesis will help you narrow down what you are looking for and allow you to discard information that is unnecessary. Creating a good thesis may require looking at a lot of general information first (like the textbook or an encyclopedia-which, by the way, do not count towards your four sources). 

  • 12pts. Times New Roman
  • Double Spaced
  • 1.25" Margins
  • Must be submitted on to be graded
  • At least 3-5 full pages paper of content (does not include the works cited page)
  • Works Cited Page (on its own separate page, but as part of the same electronic document)
  • Cited works must include a minimum of 4 academic sources. See Mrs. Brockman's research presentation for information on finding your sources.
  • One of the four sources can be from either National Geographic magazine or Smithsonian magazine, but not both.
  • Support of the thesis should be evident in every body paragraph.
    • Remember analysis still NEEDS evidence to be valid. 
    • Cite often (in-text) whenever you are using someone else’s ideas, even when not directly quoting.
    • Points will be deducted for all analysis written without supporting evidence.

  • Fewer than five spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors. 

  • All citations must be completed in MLA format. Refer to websites below for assistance with the format:
  • Works Cited page completed in MLA format, as part of your electronic document.
  • Meets minimum page requirements.
  • Includes sufficient in-text citations (from all four or more sources). Any time you are using someone else’s ideas you must cite your sources in-text. Sources that are not cited in your paper should not be listed on your works cited page.