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7th and 8th GRADE
Got Biznology?  In today’s fast-paced world, you need it!  In this class, you will connect the dots between business and technology.  Explore the world of business while learning important computer skills.  This course is project-based and will give you many opportunities to put your creative ideas into action!  Create a company with classmates and go through the steps of developing a product that you will actually sell in school.  Experience what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and open a business of your choice.  Plan what your business will sell using spreadsheet software.  Make use of word processing software to create a grand opening flyer.  Use presentation software to design your business logo.  Get Biznology!

7th and 8th GRADE
Cloud Computing
Ride the technology cloud!  This class is designed as a primer for anyone trying to take advantage of what many believe is the third major wave in computing...Cloud Computing!  Discover thrilling web-based tools and applications in this technology driven, project-based course.  Take your imagination to the max while you learn how to edit videos and images, and create podcasts, blogs, and websites.  You will also explore the various tools that Google has to offer.  Come on…get your head in the clouds!

7th and 8th Grade  
Video Game Design
Show off your passion for gaming and design and make your very own video games!  This class will open up the world of video game design to you.  This exciting course will focus on programming skills and how they relate to STEM.  You’ll be using a variety of interactive programs including Scratch, Game Star Mechanic, and Kodu to create interesting projects such as animations, simulations, interactive art, and different types of video games.  The world will get to play and rate your work on the web!  This class is a great introduction to the high school video gaming course.  Start your future in a booming field!


Retail Fashion!
Do you often spend your Saturdays sifting through magazines for the latest retro styles?  Are your friends always asking if they can borrow your chic shoes and funky accessories?  If so, take a walk down the fashion runway in this class.  You will quickly discover that behind the glamorous displays in boutiques and department stores is the creative work of a fashion merchandising guru.  With a unique blend of fashion sense and business savvy, fashion merchandisers help store owners decide what products to stock, how to display them to shoppers, and how to quickly sell them.  You’ll have many opportunities to express your passion for fashion in this creative, project-based course.  In the end, you will walk out feeling like a business professional with your finger on the pulse of the fashion retailing world!


Sports Marketing
Take a step-by-step journey through the world of sports marketing and discover behind-the-scenes marketing elements involved in the sports entertainment industry.  Technology will navigate our journey as we investigate the marketing of college and professional sports, as well as products and services marketed through sporting events.  Through the creation of a promotion plan, you will learn what it takes to promote seasonal sales for a sports and/or entertainment company.  Your plan will be presented to the company manager and industry professionals in a role-playing situation.  Also, take part in a fantasy league simulation where you will build and manage a sports franchise and compete against your classmates.  Finally, explore the various marketing careers in the sports entertainment industry and learn how you can continue on your marketing journey!


Web Design
Welcome to the dynamic world of Web Design!  This course will prepare you to enter into a lifetime of web design and development.  In this class, you will take HTML and CSS programming and apply it to both personal and business use.  You’ll discover how to make your pages more interactive using JavaScript, one of the most sought after programming skills by companies today.  

***This course involves technical reading and is designed for students who are self-motivated, independent learners.


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