My name is Shannon Carufel and I am a special education teacher at Southwest Junior High School in Forest Lake, MN.  I work with a variety of students each day both in my classroom and in the Language Arts/ English department.  This year I will be teaching Transitions classes and co-teaching one 7th grade English class with Mrs. Schwecke.  Even though I am scheduled in Language Arts classes this year, I can still be available for my students in specific situations. 

If you are looking for information on Mrs. Schwecke and Mrs. Carufel's 7th grade English class, please click on the following link: 
Mrs. Schwecke's Webpage.

If you are looking for our school website, please click here: SWJH Home

I hope you have all had a restful summer full of memories and exciting adventures!  I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday August 21st!  This will be another AMAZING year at Southwest!