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Learning and being able to use new vocabulary is imperative for students because it helps increase their verbal and written skills. Students will have regular vocabulary units for this purpose.

Check out Ms. Anderson's Quizlet for extra help with your vocabulary! Click on the image below...


Vocab Weekly Schedule
  • Monday - Root/prefix/suffix lists along with practice work is distributed
  • Wednesday - Practice work is due and corrected in class (must be complete)
  • Friday - Practice work will be collected and quiz completed

Parts of Speech Notes

Knowing what part of speech a word is will help you better understand the meaning and usage of that word. Use this link to view the slide show we watched in class about the different parts of speech (there are videos attached!).

The Eight Parts of Speech

Vocabulary Units:

Week ONE - Roots
Week TWO - Roots/Suffixes
Week THREE - Prefixes
Week FOUR - Roots
Week FIVE - 
Week SIX - 
Week SEVEN - 
Week EIGHT -