A message from the principal:

Dear Parents & Students,

Welcome to the high school.

          Forest Lake Area High School’s mission is to: “ensure that all students graduate with the skills necessary to attend a college, university, technical college, or training program – and succeed.” Our job is to prepare students for college and we appreciate the trust parents and students place in us to make this mission a reality.

      The personal commitment students make to their learning is the most powerful factor leading to school success. We have over 40 academic programs that are aligned with 16 different career clusters. Each program contains a detailed list of courses that we recommend students take as a way to explore career interests and prepare for future learning. Students will also find a myriad of courses that can be taken to meet elective requirements that will suit his/her interest and future educational plans. We urge students and parents to work closely with his/her dean to design a relevant and challenging high school education plan.

      This handbook is intended to be a resource for parents and students. Our school policies and guidelines are detailed throughout the book; students and parents are responsible for knowing our school policies. Please do not hesitate to contact your dean if you have any questions about this handbook, your schedule, graduation requirements, and/or plans for your future.

     We also encourage parents and students to utilize our online grade book titled SchoolView. This resource will allow students and parents to monitor assignments and grades. In addition, we encourage parents to sign up for our daily online announcements. You can do this by visiting our school website at hs.flaschools.org and at the bottom of the page you can enter your email to receive daily announcements. 

     We look forward to working with each of you in making the school year a successful one!


 Steve Massey, Principal

A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.

 ~ Anonymous

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance. 

             ~ Will Durant