Welcome to 2016 - 2017 Student Council Website

Meet your leaders of Student Council
President          = Natasha Terekhova
Vice President = Emiley Yie
Treasurer          = Sid Bhushan
Secretary           = Tiffany Yie     

Elementary School Representatives:



Miller: Cayla McGhee

Reid: Ryan Boomgaard




 Burnett: Renee Lackowski

Mehus: Carlie Burns and John-Paul Adams

      Nagle: Hannah Eddy

      Slinker: David Ortiz

Middle School Representatives:

Bellis: Kira McCracken

Cook: Maggie Blichfeldt

Corbet: Emma Hunt

Curtis: Chase Baum

Debenport: Allie Szablowski 

Herman: Kiera Flanagan

Ledbetter: Natalie Sesselmann

Moskoff: Savannah Slater

Munnelly: Evan Powers

Salgado: Ismael Dominguez and Nicole Lundquist

Sloop: Sophia Bandi

Starr: Miliani Barraza


Wood: Emma Black

Wright: Gage Ciske

We will meet Monday October 24th at 7:15 for our second meeting!!

Student Council officers will meet on Mondays during middle school lunch. Once a month, we will have a Monday meeting before school with all of our grade level representatives. We are working on a new video announcement system to send messages out to the whole school. More to come on that soon. 

September late start theme is Flagstaff Spirit Day! Come to school sporting your school colors and pride!
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