Welcome to the 2016 - 2017 Student Council Website

Meet Your Leaders of Student Council
President           = Natasha Terekhova
Vice President  = Emiley Yie
Treasurer          = Sid Bhushan
Secretary           = Tiffany Yie     

Elementary School Representatives:


    Gourley: Ky Toothaker

    Miller: Cayla McGhee

    Reid: Ryan Boomgaard

    Veum: Emma Ortiz



    Burnett: Renee Lackowski

    Mehus: Carlie Burns and John-Paul Adams

    Nagle: Hannah Eddy

    Slinker: David Ortiz

Middle School Representatives:

    Bellis: Kira McCracken

    Cook: Maggie Blichfeldt

    Corbet: Emma Hunt

    Curtis: Chase Baum

    Debenport: Allie Szablowski

    Herman: Kiera Flanagan

    Ledbetter: Natalie Sesselmann

    Moskoff: Savannah Slater

    Munnelly: Evan Powers

    Salgado: Ismael Dominguez and Nicole Lundquist

    Sloop: Sophia Bandi

    Starr: Miliani Barraza

    Willis: Rachel Perry

    Wood: Emma Black

    Wright: Gage Ciske

February Spirit Day is on February 1st: Team Pride Day! 
Wear a team shirt/jersey, or even a shirt/jersey from the country you support. 

Pennies for Patients will be from February 6th-24th!
Check the important dates section for more information.

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